AR 1212-12-30 Franziska remembers

The days seemed to go by in a blur after the quake for Franiska. Although she tried her best, she wasn’t that much good at digging. Clarice proved her worth by sniffing out where people were still alive and conveying this information to the diggers.

At one point toward the end of the first day she heard a shout of triumph. A child had been pulled out of one of the buildings alive. She heard the healer working on the child bemoan the lack of water to clean up the victim because it was hard to tell exactly where the little boy was hurt so covered was he with dirt and grime.

“Let’s see if I can be of some use here”, Franziska told him. Quickly she cast a spell and the dirt and grime was magically gone.

Not bothering to say anything the healer quickly began his work. Soon he had the little one stabilized and was ready to move on to the next one. “Can you do that again?” he asked the young Wizard. Again and again over the next days, Franziska cast the spell on victims living and dead.

Early on the morning of the second day of the rescue/recovery Franziska saw the new Queen walking with her guards to survey the destruction and to try to give hope to her people. Noticing the Queen looked less than regal with dirt and sweat and not a little blood coating her royal robes, Franziska approached. The Queens guards quickly hefted their weapons in defense of their Royal charge but Verona stilled them with a gesture.

“Your Majesty” the Wizard said, kneeling to her liege. “I see the efforts you have been making have been hard on your wardrobe. Would you let me cast Prestidigitation on you? I would think that you looking clean and fresh would inspire even more confidence in your subjects.”

“Not a bad idea,” Verona replied. Please do.”

Quickly the red-headed Wizard cast the cantrip and the magic of the spell removed all traces of dirt and grime.

“I would be happy to come to you each morning till things get back to a more normal state” Franziska told her. “Just let me know when and where.”

Verona smiled at Franziska. “Such a kind offer. I am using the palace grounds as a staging area until a temporary audience room is built out of the Fallen stones. You will find me there.” She gave her a quick hug and moved off.

AR 1212-12-30 Franziska remembers

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