AR 1212-01-31 NEW CAVE TIMES Wolf and Sparky get attention by other dwarves

Everyone gets a flyer. At the top it says:

Written in Stone
By Thilda 1212-01-31

Our dwarven princess has been seen around the cave with many suitors. Seems that she has finally bloomed into her own. That’s the way to go guys. She’s not just a princess, shes a beautiful dwarf gal and you better get to know her soon so you have a chance at her heart before she finds her “One true love” like her brother did.

And speaking of new romances, Ulfar our one and only Wolf, is sure getting lots of attention as well from the dwarven gals. They have found him to be someone special and everyone is clamoring to find out more about him. If no one captures his heart in the next couple of years, I will have to have a go at him myself.

On a sadder note, the Orc attacks has everyone going stir crazy since we are not allowed to go as far as before they started. When are we going to take it too them huh!!!

Two casualties were reported in the latest skirmishes. Regla’s father was one of them. So sadly, I guess the curse is not gone yet on their family.


After the dance:

Wolf has many dwarven gals taking time to go out of the way to talk to him. Ask his opinion about things. Some will ask to go caving with him and Yari when Sparky can not go. Others will see if he wants to go for a walk or help them with hanging banners or reaching things or lifting heavy objects.

Sparky goes into the caves about a third less time with Wolf and Yari. She is getting asked to go and do things (including tutoring) with some of the other dwarven boys that had never had the courage before this to ask her. She says yes to all of the ones that are nice and kind and no to the jerks. But never settles on any one. She is never seen to do anything physical with any of them (like holding hands or kissing). But is seen laughing at their jokes and walking/talking/tutoring with them.

AR 1212-01-31 NEW CAVE TIMES Wolf and Sparky get attention by other dwarves

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