AR 1212-01-04 NEW CAVE TIMES party highlights

Everyone gets a flyer the next day about the party. At the top it says:

Written in Stone
By Thilda

It is from Thilda, a female dwarf bard who lives in the Hippogriff cave. She is exceptionally beautiful, with cropped white hair and hazel eyes.

It was an exciting night for the dance

Fun was had by all, including our princess Sparakal who seemed to dance with every dwarf in our cave. Must different than the wall flower I remember when I was younger. She sure is growing up. Wasn’t that a beautiful purple dress she had on. She even danced with our one and only Ulfar, though most know him as Wolf. His parents must be so proud of him. He is fitting in so well now in our cave after having been stolen as a small lad. A lot of young dwarves found out he could dance tonight, but more on that later.

Speaking of the King and Queen, their son Karunchar and is now official girlfriend Tizzy, won the dwarven couple’s dance competition. They surprised the judges by taking off felt from their special wooden shoes, so that when they danced it made tapping sounds. For our human readers, they used them to make dwarven cave tapping that are normally used to send messages through cave walls. In this case they used the tapping to tell an ancient dwarven love story all while dancing. My goodness, they even had the older dwarves in tears because they had not heard the story in a long time as it had been lost. It came out later that Tizzy had help from Ulfred to unearth the ancient story. A couple of dwarves were overheard to complain to the judges that they only won because they went last. But the judges said it was done with straws as it is always done and that they were just being sore losers.

The single darven duration competition was won astoundingly by Ox of Pegasus cave. His cave went wild with joy. He collapsed shortly after winning and Sardi from his cave did a healing to get him back up so he could accept his ribbon and the adorations of his cave. It was the first time the contest was ever won by a demi-dwarf.

There were several competitions for the dwarven group dance off competitions. The winners of these are:

- Regla of Phoenix for the FLEGLINGS. Regla was overwhelmed by the joy of winning. She was heard to say that this should break the curse on her family.

- Wolf of Gargoyle for the HATCHLINGS. His little sister Nalia ran out of the crowd afterwards and was heard saying “See I told ye were good at it”. Not sure what she meant by that, because he was exceptional.

- Ziri of Hippogriff for the EGGS. Her hunting dog Theli celebrated with her afterwards by dancing on his hind legs with everyone clapping at his antics. Good thing Theli and Franziska’s wolf are both females or we might be having mix set of pups.

The humans not to be outdone by the dwarves got the musicians to play music for a waltz dance off and a tango dance off. Fun was had by all, but there were a couple of mishaps. Highlights include:

- Waltz highlights: Beckum and Quinella fell down when their feet got caught on each other during their triple twill; Hughye got caught up in Franziska’s long dress and stumbled just a tiny bit. Zen and Aldhis almost stole the show by his helping her in ways that allowed her to move that did not get hindered by the burn scars on her legs. High Priestess Thorline was seen with tears in her eyes since she had not been able to heal the scars more than she had. Rissa and Sardi won by doing very fancy throws and twills that impressed the judges. The dress she wore was very low cut and her Mother was over heard remarking to Queen Shar “Isn’t she wonderful, she gets that talent from my mother’s side of the family. Though that isn’t the dress I picked out for her! A bit risque don’t you think?” Rissa’s Father seemed uncomfortable, especially when Sardi seemed to be sneaking peeks down her dress, but a glance from his wife put him at ease.

- Tango highlights: Interpreting the moves incorrectly as agression, Clarice went on to the dance floor and Franziska had to slow momentarily and with Hughye’s help they almost seemlessly added Clarice to the dance. Everyone cheered but three is not allowed in a couple’s dance so could not win, though they got a rousing round of applause. Yari and Verona won with a very sensual dance. Her father was heard remarking to King Kendrick, “Don’t they make a lovely couple!” Yari’s younger brother, Math, had to accept their ribbon In Absentia, as the couple were not able to be found the rest of night.

Strangely, how best female dwarf dancer was not at the party. Volga was last seen in High Priestess Thorlina’s care and seemed very distraught. Not sure what that is about, but she was was sorely missed in the competition by the judges though not I am sure by the contestants.


At the dance, Wolf having remembered what Sparky said about the nice dwarven boys being too afraid to ask her since she is the Kings only daughter, picks out the dwarven boys he knows are nice and kind. He encourages them to dance with her/near her/in dances she is in. This allows Sparky to have the best time ever at a dance. Wolf dances with some of the other dwarven gals as well in the group dances (the nice ones and there are actually quite a few but they too were afraid to ask him as well to the dance) .

During the one dance that Wolf and Sparky are next to each other in one of the line dances. King Kendrick commented to Queen Shar “They seem to be havin ah grand old time. You did talk with her about him right?” Shar replied, “Yes, they are just friends.” Kendrick looked worred as he said “I don’t know about that, she has that look on her face when she smiles at him that I have never seen on her before.” Shaking her head Shar replied, “Your being silly dear. Look at all of the different boys she has been dancing with. She is just having fun at the dance.” Kendrick smiled “Yes, but, Wolf seemed to have been making sure none of them dance long with her. Hmm, we will see.” (FYI: No one else actually hears this exchange (not even Thilda). Just here for story purposes.)

When the dance winds down, Sparky seems quite tipsy, and Wolf offers to escort her back to her cave to make sure she gets there safely. On the way back, she laughs and talks about how much fun she had. The best dance ever. At the door, she looks seriously at him and says. “I know me fun night was because of ye. I saw ye push tha shy ones out ta dance with me. Thank ye so very much.” She then kissed his left cheek. “Good night Wolf, I hope ye had just as much fun.” and turned to go into her cave.

AR 1212-01-04 NEW CAVE TIMES party highlights

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