AR 1212-01-01 Rissa and Sardi Try on Outfits for the Dance

Sardi entered the theatre to see Rissa sitting on the edge of the stage waiting for him as usual. “Ready for more torture, mistress,” he said wryly.

“Not just yet,” Rissa smiled. “I thought this morning we would take a little break and find you something to wear for the dance. Follow me.” Rissa led Sardi through the backstage door into a chamber filled with racks of clothing. “Ta-da: welcome to the Golden Eagle Theatre’s costume room. I picked out a few outfits for you to try on right over here.”

Sardi looked at the first outfit Rissa held up and laughed. “What kind of get up is that supposed to be?”

Rissa glared at his mockery. “It’s a doublet and hose. All the finest courtiers are wearing this style for formal occasions.”

“Seriously?” Sardi looked at Rissa like she was crazy for suggesting it.

“Just try it on,” she insisted and ushered him behind a privacy curtain. “If you don’t like it we can move on to something else.”

Sardi begrudgingly complied. After a few moments he emerged from behind the curtain. “I look ridiculous.”

“Nonsense, you look very dashing.” Then Rissa added with a coy smile, “Oh, I forgot to mention, you’re supposed to wear a codpiece with that. Otherwise we can see everything.”

Sardi looked down to see a perfect outline of his genitals showing through the tight fabric. “Rissa!” he quickly covered himself with his cupped hands and turned his back to the girl. “You did that on purpose!”

Rissa was grinning ear to ear. “Yeah, I did. But hey, you have nothing to be embarrassed about. Looked pretty nice to me. The view from this side ain’t bad either.”

Sardi glanced over his shoulder to catch Rissa staring at his butt. “Hey, cut it out! I thought we’re just friends.”

“We are…but I’m still a girl and you’re still a ‘virile stud of a man’,” she quoted in imitation of Sardi’s voice. “So don’t blame me for looking.”

Sardi groaned. “I’m changing out of this.” He disappeared behind the curtain.

“You don’t want to try it with the codpiece?”


Rissa’s arm reached around the curtain, holding another outfit. “Here try this one. It covers everything, I swear.”

Sardi grabbed it from her outstretched arm. “Thanks,” he said sarcastically. “I’m surprised you didn’t just walk in here, hoping to see me pantless.”

From the other side of the cloth barrier Rissa said in a matter of fact tone, “that’s the boy’s dressing room, if I went in while you’re in there, it would be against the rules.”

“Since when do you care about rules?”

“I do…sometimes,” she retorted.

“I’ll mark the calendar,” the cleric said with a laugh. A moment later he threw the curtain open to show off the newly donned outfit.

“Hmm,” Rissa looked him over with a critical eye. “Turn around.”

“No, I fell for that once,” Sardi said.

“Oh come on, what are you gonna do, never turn your back on me ever again?” Rissa said dismissively. “I’m going to see your butt when we’re dancing. And anyway, you should be flattered. Now turn around.”

“Fine,” Sardi obliged.

“Ok, that one is a maybe. Try the next one.”

“So what are you gonna wear?” Sardi asked.

“Well, there will be a lot of dwarves there, naturally, and they tend to favor gemstone colors: ruby, sapphire, amethyst, and of course gold. Elves prefer floral colors: yellow, pink, light blue, and any shade of green. Most humans go with one of those styles or the other. I figured I should try something different. And since the rumor mill seems to think I’m an evil, demon-worshipping witch, I decided to embrace my dark side and go with a black dress. I found a costume that must have been for some evil sorceress, and I had Mr. Redfist alter it to make a good dancing dress.”

“Interesting,” Sardi said. “Do I get to see it?”

“Sure, you try on that outfit and I’ll go put mine on,” Rissa said happily, skipping toward the curtain on the opposite side of the costume room.

Sardi finished dressing first. While he waited for Rissa, he looked through some of the other suits on the rack in front of him. The prospect of going through all of them seemed daunting. He liked the look and feel of the suit he was wearing. Hopefully the critic who was his dance partner would agree that this third time was a charm.

“Whataya think?” Rissa said.

Sardi stepped around the rack of clothes to get an unobstructed view. “Whoa!” was the only word he could muster. Unobstructed view was right! The dress was quite revealing. It was the first time Rissa had worn anything that revealed her cleavage. Sardi had never really given her breasts a second thought before now.

“You like?” Rissa said and twirled around to model the dress for him.

“Uh, yeah, wow, you look…” Sardi was at a loss for words. “Damn, girl.”

“Oh, I’m not girl anymore,” Rissa said in her sultry seductress voice. “I’m a sexy, ravishing, intoxicating woman!” Rissa relished each word as she said them, basking in the awed reaction she was getting.

There was one reaction Sardi desperately hoped she was not noticing. He thanked the gods he was no longer wearing the tight hose of the first outfit.

“I like the looks of that outfit,” Rissa said. “Let’s see how these work on the dance floor.”

Sarid nodded apprehensively. “Sure, you go get the music started; I’ll be along in a sec.” The boy filled his head with images of combat drills, fighting the ugliest orcs he could imagine.

AR 1212-01-01 Rissa and Sardi Try on Outfits for the Dance

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