AR 1211-12-29 Wolf gets asked to the dance by Vorga and sparks fly but not the good kind

A week before the big party, the dining room has clear out after supper, with just Tizzy wiping down the tables. Wolf, Yari, and Sparky are standing around the table busy with Wolf’s cave map out, planning what part of the caves they will explore next. Sparky sounding eager says, “I could smell clean air out of tha hole we passed on tha way to tha falls we explored last time. I just bet few have traveled down it! We can practice some more of our repelling and maybe find a room few have seen.”

“Excuse me,” says Vorga Mundidotr, a female dwarf in the class above yours who lives in the Hippogriff cave is standing near Wolf. In your discussion, none noticed her approach. She is heavyset with curly brown hair and amber eyes. You have heard she seeks to regain her family honor from some infraction her father made.

In a forceful voice she says, “Wolf, if ye don’t have someone ye are goin with ta the party next week, I would be honored to have ye escort me.”

Wolf looks up, startled by Vorga’s interruption of his thoughts. He looks at his friends and says, “I figured we’re all going just like we did to that costume dance.” Then, looking back at Vorga, “You’re welcome to join us if you’d like.”

As Wolf gathered his thoughts, he realizes he has never talked to this girl before. “Hi, I’m Wolf…which apparently you know. What’s your name?”

“Well, actually,” Yari says before Vorga can answer. His voice trails off in obvious embarrassment, and he massages the back of his neck with his right hand. “I kinda already asked Verona to go with me. We’re sorta planning to make… y’know… a thing of it…”

“Vorga’s me name.” She smiles, “And of course Krunch is takin Tizzy. And Sardi is takin Rissa (still to be decided). And, Zen is goin with Aldhis from Pegasus cave (still to be decided). And Hughye from Hippogriff and Franziska are goin (still to be decided).” And she starts to count off on her fingers, “And Dargen and Duri are goin. And Sardi and Zadena. And Beckum and Quinellia. And Geo and Sybeth . And Durin and Sada. And Gilrak and Regla . And Khundu and Sharkar. And Brock and Tish” She looks expectantly at Sparky, “And I heard that Dundal, Kunarv and Gangron were goin ta ask Sparky!”

Vorga looks like she is going to continue listing names but Sparky gets a look of anger on her face you have never seen before, “I would rather kiss a goblin then go anywhere with any of those gold diggin, status seekin, rock lickers. All they care about is tha fact that I am tha kings daughter. And tha other guys are to afraid of me father to even approach so I be goin by meself.” Sparky looks at Wolf, “Vorga here is tha same as them male golddiggers. She’s just interested in ye because ye are tha great grand son of King Ovim.” She looks at Vorga, “Her father was kicked out of their cave because he supposedly stole from his clan’s coffers. Me father kindly took them in because they were expecting Vorga at tha time. She has been tryin to regain her family honor since she was old enough to walk and talk.”

Vorga looked stricken, “That is absurd. I just wanted ta get to know Wolf better, and what easier way then ta go to a dance with him.”

Sparky got right in her face and angerly spit out, “I hear ye scheming in our cave at night. Ye thought ye were talkin softly, but I be part elf and me hearin is better than most.” She starts poking her finger in Vorga’s chest, “I will not stand idly by while ye hurt me friend.”

Just as Wolf opens his mouth to respond, Yari interjects “Whoa, whoa!” Yari put a firm hand on the shoulder of Sparky’s poking finger. With his other hand on Vorga, he gently, but firmly moved the two girls back from each other. “That escalated quickly!”

His voice is pleasant and laughing, and he smiles at both of them as if to say, “We’re all friends here, right?” Putting himself between Vorga and Sparky, he glances at Vorga long enough to hold up a staying hand, then turns his attention fully to Sparky.

“Hey, c’m with me for a sec’, yeah?” he says, and drapes an arm around her to try to lead her off a few steps.

“Sure Yari, I had me say,” as Sparky turns to walk off with him out of earshot of the other two.

Wolf, visibly irritated by the turn of events, spoke in a low voice while gathering up his cave map from the table. “If you think I have any status or what not, you couldn’t be further from the truth. My great grandfather considers me tainted, and what little status I might ‘ave just cause I’m his kin I ain’t ever claiming since I ain’t earned it. Additionally, you ain’t never gonna get to know me at no dance. I don’t know how to dance and I don’t intend to learn. Hell, I only intended to go cause my friends was goin’.”

Wolf began to move toward Yari and Sparky, but stopped about half way and turned back to Vorga. “And just so we’re clear, you pissed off Sparky within two minutes of showin’ up, and if you can’t get along with her, you ain’t gonna get along with me. So no, I ain’t goin’ to no dance with you, but thanks for ruinin’ a perfectly good evening.”

As Wolf moved toward Yari and Sparky, Yari looked at Sparky and quietly said so only they could hear, “So, I get that you wanna look out for Wolf – your first cousin – and all. I mean, I don’t want just anyone taking my sister to the dance, right? Family’s gotta look out for family!”

Allowing a moment to signal he’s done with that thought and moving on to the next, he’ll continue, “But – and I say this with love, Sparky – jealousy does not suit you very well.”

“It’s not jealousy, Yari,” the dwarf responded flatly. “It’s Berronar tha told me ta speak out like that!”

Calmly but loudly, Sparky spoke over Yari’s shoulder pointing at Vorga standing alone now, “It was Berronar tha caused me ta speak out ta ye so harshly. She wanted ye ta know yer goin down the wrong path. I hav’n been tryin ta tell ye kindly for months, but it’s not been workin. But this was tha final straw fer her!” Sparky now pointed at Wolf, “Ye are not allowed to corrupt him!”

The gods – albeit dwarven gods – thus invoked, Yari puts up his hands and steps aside. Behind him, Volga swayed, the anger building in her drained. “But I, you see, you don’t understand. The gods never…” Then the color went out of her face as she seemed to hear something only she could. She slowly melted to the floor, buried her head in her hands and started to softly cry.

Sparky rushed over and embraced Volga, “Ye can change, ye can make it right. Berronar says ye have not swayed too far yet. We can talk ta Thorlina and get ye help. That is if ye be willin.” Volga quietly shook her head in agreement. Sparky motioned Tizzy over to help her get Volga up.

While Sparky consoled Volga, Wolf walked over to a stunned Yari and quietly said in his ear, “Yari, I just don’t get girls, they can fight one minute and worry about each other the next.” He paused then and said “Do you really need to flirt with everything that moves? First the girl at the inn, then the cat and the elf, and now your takin’ a princess to the dance. Feels like you’re tryin’ to claim every person you come across. Well, everyone ‘cept your sister and Tizzy, or did I miss that day?”

Seemingly oblivious to Wolf’s insult, Yari instead gesticulates futilely back at Sparky and Volga. His face is twisted in concern and confusion, and he whispers back, “This? This right here is why you’re wrong about me, Wolf. Girls’re crazy!”

In the space of less than a second, the young human’s face goes through the spectrum of negative emotions, then relaxes into an expression of confused concern once again. He twists his nose to the side, and glances at his friend. “I’m not flirting with everyone,” he sighs. “I’m just trying to make sure everyone is okay. It’s a lot of work, and… well, Rissa tells me I’ve been forgetting my family lately… sorry if I have.”

Yari watched as Sparky and Tizzy help Volga leave the room, completely bewildered by what just happened, then offers an apologetic smile to Wolf.

Behind them, Wolf’s mother could be heard to say, “What in Moraden’s name is happenin en here son? I heard ah loud ruckus ov’r the dishes gettin washed. Where’s Tizzy going? The tables are’nt done yet?” She thought a moment, “She must have good reason ta run off wit Sparky and Vorga.” She tossed a towel to each boy, “These tables won’t wash themselves. Give me ah hand boys as ye tell me all about it.”

AR 1211-12-29 Wolf gets asked to the dance by Vorga and sparks fly but not the good kind

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