AR 1211-12-20 Rissa Tries to Apologize to Beckum

Yari watched Rissa approach Beckum in the dining hall. She shot Yari a glance, as if to say “here goes!” Yari gave his sister a thumbs up and silently wished her luck. He knew that admitting what she did to Beckum was going to be difficult. What Beckum’s reaction would be he couldn’t guess.

Yari had offered to be present for her apology. Beckum could—understandably—be very angry. Just in case Beckum didn’t take it well, Yari might be able to use his diplomacy to smooth things out. But Rissa insisted on doing it alone, saying that way it wouldn’t look like she was doing it just because Yari told her to. Yari had to agree with her logic, but he was still concerned.

That concern compelled Yari to follow his sister and Beckum as they left the dining hall. Yari tried to tail his marks as stealthily as he could, and it seemed to work. Rissa led Beckum to the theater—fitting, since that is where she had admitted her transgression to Yari. The pair entered and Yari took up a sentry position outside the theater door. He waited. Rissa was probably rambling and not getting to the point. He began pacing the corridor.

Then the yelling began. Yari couldn’t make out what words were being said, but tempers were definitely elevated on the other side of the door. He reached for the doorknob, but hesitated a second as he contemplated the thought that it was his opening a door on Beckum and Rissa in the heat of passion that set this chain of events in motion. Yari wondered if his opening the door this time would only make the situation worse. Rissa was a big girl, should he let her work this out on her own?

Then there came a blood curdling scream. No more time for debate, Yari sprung to action. He threw the door open and was confronted by a grizzly sight. In the middle of the room, in front of the stage, Beckum stood completely naked, howling in agony, the lower half of his body covered in blood. The reason was clear. With dagger in hand, Rissa stabbed repeatedly at the boy’s groin.

“What the—Rissa, stop!” Yari shouted. He rushed forward in an attempt to restrain his combative sister.

“Yari, dude, you’re sister’s gone fucking crazy!” came Beckum’s voice from the side of the stage, where he was cowering, fully clothed.

Rissa spun around to face him, with rage in her voice. “Is that realistic enough for you, Asshole!?” With a flick of her hand the screaming abated. At that moment Yari tackled into her, knocking her dagger to the ground. The bloody, emasculated image of Beckum faded into nothingness.

The real Beckum took advantage of the distraction and ran past them, out the door.

“What the Hel!?” Yari exclaimed.

Rissa was still fuming. “He knew! He knew it was me in the closet! He saw through my illusion and didn’t say anything. I told him it was me in disguise and he just says smugly ‘I know. I’m not that dumb,’” Rissa said in a pitch-perfect mimicry of Beckum.

“I thought Quinellia and I were close enough to the same size that in the dim light of the closet he wouldn’t notice any tactile discrepancies with the illusion, but apparently he did. He says all cocky to me ‘I know what my girlfriend’s boobs feel like.’ But he kept on touching my boobs without saying a word. Why? Because he’s a pig! He felt me up knowing I wasn’t his girlfriend. He really did cheat on her, that pig!”

“What was that,” Yari gestured to where the illusion had stood moments ago.

“Oh, that—Beckum had the nerve to say my illusions weren’t as good as I thought they were. So that was me showing him what I could do.” Rissa took several deep breaths and said in a much more level-headed tone, “That…that was catharsis.”

Yari shook his head and said sarcastically, “Great apology, Sis.”

AR 1211-12-20 Rissa Tries to Apologize to Beckum

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