AR 1209-12-12 Wolf talks with Sif High Priestess and visits old home

Wolf sat in the kitchen making food. He had skipped breakfast with everyone else and only answered with a gruff “Ain’t nothing wrong, just planning to eat with some friends” when anyone questioned him.

The events with Wally and his father had reopened some of the wounds in Wolf’s heart and, even though Wally had said his friends were with Sif, Wolf felt that he wasn’t doing enough to honor the memories of his friends.

While everyone was busy starting their day in the usual chaotic manner, Wolf packaged up the food and quietly snuck out of the house. Heading towards town, he kept running over the events of the last year – the death of his friends, finding his family, making new friends, going to school, the carnival, the strange dream, and now the death of Wally. For all the good times, he felt like he was experiencing more loss than the other kids he was going to school with.

As he thought about the night he lost Sparrow and Tabby, his mind was drawn to the church that had taken him in and kept him safe. Maybe the priestess would be able to help him.

He decided that he’d make a detour from his lunch since it wasn’t late enough to eat it anyways, and headed to the church of Sif. Upon opening the doors, the head priestess immediately greeted him, “Hello Wolf and welcome back. Lady Sif had told us you would be coming for a visit.”

Wolf was taken aback by the sudden greeting, but smiled and stepped inside.

The high priestess took him into a room and sat down. “Sif wants you to know that you can choose what you want to do. You do not have to follow her as some type of holy warrior. You can if you want, keep your rage and learn to fight with it.”

Wolf looked puzzled, “What is a holy warrior? Is my rage god gifted? How do I decide my next step? I need more help.”

She looked at him, patiently waiting for his string of questions to subside. “Holy warriors can be either paladins or clerics who get their powers from a god or goddess. As far as I can tell, your rage is not any god’s gift.”

Wolf looked at her with a mixture if curiosity and worry, to which she simply replied, “I am sorry, but that is all the guidance I can give to you at this time. If you talk with others, friends, other clerics, teachers, or your parents, about your strength and weaknesses, you may find some key to the answers you seek.”

Knowing that there was little more he would get out of continuing the conversation, he thanked her and asked how everything had been since he was last in the city. Over the next few hours, the two discussed the events of the children at the church and Wolf’s adventures at school, and Wolf took time to play with the children before leaving.

Later that afternoon, Wolf sat in the yard of the house where his life had taken such a drastic turn. Sitting in front of him were three plates filled with something that closely resembled stew, three glasses, and a bottle of wine he had snuck away with.

“I know it ain’t anywhere near as good as Tabby’s cooking, but I made you your favorite Sparrow. I also got us some’in to drink. It ain’t no ale, but this’ll be easier for your first drink.”

Wolf let out a small chuckle that barely hid the pain he felt, and poured a small amount into each of the glasses as he began regaling the tales of his school life.

“Turns out I got a real kid sister [...] with butterflies all over the classroom [...] and then she kissed the frog right there [...] You guys would absolutely love this place. You really would…”

Not able to contain the emotions any longer, Wolf’s voice cracks as a tear rolls across the scar on his cheek.

“Wally says you guys are happy with Sif now, so I don’t know if you can even hear any of this, but I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I ain’t never gonna forget you guys <sniff> or any of the things we did. I promise I’ll always stop by an’ tell you all about the things I’ve been up to.”

Wolf lifted his head to the sky as as the salty water poured down his sunlit face. “And here we was having such a good lunch. Why did it have to start raining?”

AR 1209-12-12 Wolf talks with Sif High Priestess and visits old home

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