Adventure Summary

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AR 1180

The History of Quactimus FizzleSprocket

AR 1195

12th. Sparakal (Sparky) and Karunchar (Krunch) are born Dwarven Family Tree

AR 1196

1st. Tizzy is born


6th. Ulfar(Wolf) is born Dwarven Family Tree

30th. Tola, Queen Shar’s cousin, leaves to go back home to the Thunder Rift dwarven clan to talk to those that are interested in courting her now that her ex-husband has lost his judgement about abusing her and been kicked out of the clan. Tola disappears on the way home along with two dwarven escorts.


3rd. Zen is born


30th. Verona is born and her mother dies in child birth. The king of Melinir never remarries and Verona is his only heir.


7th. Franziska is born

AR 1197

6th. Rissa and Yari are born.


10th. Elsie is born

AR 1200

2nd. Ulfar (Wolf) is stolen from the same nursery as Krunch and Sparky and other dwarven children are in.

AR 1206

3rd. Zen turns 10 and joins his father learning the ways of a caravan owner

AR 1208

Krunch learns patience picking locks with his Grand Da.


Krunch and Sparky first meet the pixie at the circus.


3rd. Zen turns 12


30th. Verona turns 12


7th. Franziska turns 12

AR 1209

1st. Tizzy turns 13

18th. Quactimas, in Dome Snardt, is told he is going to go to school at the Dwarven academy.

Rissa and Yari sneak out of the house.

22nd. Franziska starts her studying to be a wizard with Melinir’s famous Hazel the Witch whom everyone admires.


12th. Sparky and Krunch turn 14


6th. Wolf turns 13

Wolf is spotted by Kalistar on the streets of Melinir. Wolf’s master, afraid of being found out early, murders his two friends. Wolf kills his master’s lackey, and the high priestess of Sif rescues him.

Quactimas leaves in the Haley caravan of halflings, headed in to Melinir, and meets Guido.


15th. Wolf joins Kara and Sven’s family in preparation and protection from the master.


1st. Quactimas arrives in Melinir, along with Guido.

Krunch, Valdosta, and Kalistar arrive in Melinir in the Torka caravan of dwarves.

Bran’s parents, Ian and Hildr, arrive in Melinir with present of a red tailed falcon named Crafty to help communicate with them.

3rd. The kids start travel to the school in the Torka caravan.

4th. The caravan stops for the night before the tunnel to the hidden valley and have an encounter with tundra wolves, lead by a man seen during the lighting attack from Valdosta’s staff.

5th. They stop at the village of Butterpond in Hidden valley

6th. They stop at the village of Walden in Hidden valley Yari and Rissa turn 12

7th. The kids meet the inn keeper, Dean and Ida, and their daughter Elsie in the town of Willowdale in Hidden Valley. Yari immediately develops a crush on Elsie.

8th. The kids arrive at the school, Golden Eagle Academy.

Yari meets his name sake, Jarl.

Wolf meets his parents, Rogi and Elda Axeforger, and sister, Nalia, for the first time since he was abducted at age four; he also learns his birth name is Ulfar.

9th. Bran’s parents meet with King Kendric and Queen Shar, and are granted one of the graduating classes, and 30 battle dwarves, to assist them in cleaning out a band of orcs that are plaguing the village they are sworn to protect in the northern mountains.

30th. The kids hear rumors about Krunch and Sparky.


12th. The circus comes back to town; adventure is had.

Yari chats with Krunch about the rumors he’s heard.


3rd. Zen turns 13

28th. Hazel the witch dies with no apparent cause after locking herself in her study overnight. Franziska finds her dead in the morning.


14th While the kids sleep, they find themselves in the Misty Realms as kind of more grown up. Misty Realm Pocket Dimension – Tinnith finds herself in another world with a bunch of kids


1st. Bran finds out his parents and the dwarves that went with them were successful. They also have found a druid to teach him, as the dwarven school was not able to. Trent opens teleport window for the dwarves to come home, and Bran to join his parents.

22nd. Franziska arrives at the school and joins the gargolye cave taking Bran’s place.

30th. Verona turns 13


3rd. Big owlbear danger room test.


7th. Franziska turns 13

1st through 20th. The Puppet Master wrecks havoc, Wally is murdered by his father, and Guido escapes execution. Yari visits Sardi and Verona at her father’s palace, enjoying pleasant conversations over lunch.

Krunch has thoughts.

Yari has thoughts.

Zen has thoughts.

Wolf talks with Sif High Priestess and visits old home

10th. Elsie turns 12

AR 1210

1st. Tizzy turns 14


12th. Sparky and Krunch turn 15

15th. Wolf speaks with Battle Ragers about the limitations of being a Barbarian and using their rage in battle. Wolf speaks with Battle Ragers

21st. An Eagle Clan history lesson is given.

25th. Quac gets news about his father being critically injured, and sister and brother dying in an attack from Guido’s father. Quac goes home via teleport from Trent. A ceiling in the kids cave was found to have been sabotaged, and is reinforced. The dwarven keep is put on lock down.

26th. Yari sneaks out to tell Elsie he won’t be able to visit her for a while. On return, he is caught and chastised.


6th. Wolf turns 14

10th. Brock’s brother, Bofor, takes the school test and passes. He is allowed admitted into the Pegasus cave. It is discovered that Sardi was working with him in secret, to help his back heal. Zen moves into the Gargoyle cave, taking Quac’s place.

25th. Quac’s father dies.


8th. Rumor arrives that Smallville was completely destroyed by treants.

20th. A letter arrives from Quac, explaining that Guido’s father’s home and ships were destroyed in the treant attack, not the whole town.

22nd. The lock down is lifted after a divination shows Guido’s father is dead.

23rd. Yari goes to visit Elsie for the first time since lock down.

Wolf finally is able to get Sparky alone on one of their expeditions, and talks to her about what being a paladin is all about.


1st. The kids start their second year at school.

6th. Yari and Rissa turn 13


1st. Queen Shar declares a scavenger hunt.

Zen writes home about it.

3rd. Zen turns 14

16th. Krunch spends time training with Sparky and Ox.


3rd. Samual arrives with Clarice, and she rejoins Franziska.

7th. Wolf goes to Priestess Dagmar and takes his Paladin oath, while seeing a vision of both Berronar and Sif. He warns King Kendric about the dangers of the dwarf who is seeking revenge for the clan stealing his son.

8th. Wolf’s parents show him all of the future classes, and make him realize he needs to stop skipping so much. His mother starts teaching him about survival, like finding and preparing food, so that he will already have it mastered by the time the class officially starts in his third year.

30th. Verona turns 14


9th. Wolf tries fighting with chain shirt for the first time in the danger room and no one notices

12th. Samual the druid leaves Clarice with Franziska


2nd through 20th. For school time off, Wolf’s parents take his friends and him to the Silver Mountain Clan near Botan. This is the first time all but Zen have been outside the valley. King Kendrick sends a large group of dwarves as protection. They have a blast but do not go near Botan itself. Straight to and from the keeps.

Yari masters his dwarven accent, and practices his skills as a courtier at the dwarven court

7th. Franziska turns 14

10th. Elsie turns 13

AR 1211

1st. Tizzy turns 15

5th. Wolf tries out Thunderous Smite in danger room. The kids get suspicious something has changed.

6th. Franziska figures out it was a paladin spell. Yari talks to Thorlina, and she lets slip enough that Yari figures out Wolf is a paladin. Yari tells Arissa; by the end of the day, the entire school knows.

Rissa and Yari discuss a plan to spread a rumor about Sparky and Wolf dating, since they are now both paladins, but Krunch overhears and informs them they are first-cousins; the twins decide against the plan.

Yari notices Sparky checking out Wolf’s posterior while exploring the caves together, and is privately very disturbed.


12th. Sparky and Krunch turn 16

23rd. In the danger room, Wolf and Yari try fighting with half-plate armor for the first time. Wolf uses lay-on-hands, for the first time as well.


6th. Wolf turns 15


1st. The kids start their third year at school (second level)

6th. Yari and Rissa turn 14

11th. Katerina tests the students with a supposedly impossible orc battle in the danger room.

12th. The circus comes to town again. The pixie returns with a pseudodragon to free the mammoth and her calf. Hijinks ensue, resulting in the kids finding a dwarven dagger on some orcs on the steppes

15th. Zen warns his father about the orcs.

The saga of Yari, Sardi, and Elsie continues.

16th. Laris tells the kids the owner of the dwarven dagger was found dead, along with two other dwarves on patrol.

17th. Zen sends letter to brother Steven about the Orc test


3rd. Zen turns 15

30th. Yari’s existential seizures begin to frighten Elsie.


1st. Yari shares his existential seizures with Sardi.

2nd. Yari is grumpy all day.


30th. Verona turns 15


15th. School is locked down because of orc attacks

More orc attacks start to occur. The caravan is attacked by an orc band on the way to Hidden Valley, just before the tunnel, and a couple of guards are lost. Some outlying villages are attacked in the Thunder Rift valley, and some people die while fighting off the orcs. Patrols at the keep are attacked again. Security is heightened. The caravan runs are stopped for two months, while extra guards are trained and recruited.


2nd through 20th. The kids have to stay at the keep for the December holidays. They are asked to assist in keeping the caves cleaned out of vermin, since more dwarves are out patrolling for orcs, and do not have the time. They find a room with a braided stalactite that somehow allows Rissa to make a deal with the ancient spirit of the Earth, Gaia. Under rocks near the stalactite, the skeleton of a dwarven women is found. Items on her are identified as having belonged to Tola, Queen Shar’s cousin who was lost a year after Krunch and Sparky were born.

6th. Rissa the Dinner Guest

7th. Franziska turns 15

10th. Elsie turns 14

15th. Rissa Asks Yari for Advice on How To Be Slutty

18th. Many of the students navigate the confusing times of being a teenager; including Sparky Pondering

19th. Something Amiss-a with Arissa

20th. Rissa Tries to Apologize to Beckum

23rd. Zen and Aldhis decide to go to the party together

26th. Franziska is asked to go to the party by Hughye

27th. In the afternoon, Rissa and Sardi decide to go to the dance together. In the evening, Sardi makes sure it is ok with Yari.

28th. Rissa Gets Asked to the Dance by Sigfuss

29th. Wolf gets asked to the dance by Vorga and sparks fly but not the good kind

30th. Sardi and Rissa have Afterglow

31st. Wolf learns to dance

AR 1212

1st. Tizzy turns 16

Rissa and Sardi Try on Outfits for the Dance

Yari plays with his youngest cousin.

2nd. Krunch and Tizzy go steady.

3rd. The kids’ parents come to visit, and a large party is thrown.

Rissa has a heart-to-heart with her father.

Krunch has a heart-to-heart with his father.

Yari takes Verona to the party.

An issue of the New Cave Times is released.

4th. Yari gets a strange note.

5th. Yari leaves with a dwarven patrol to visit Elsie

7th. Yari has to deal with some of the consequences of choosing to be with a spoilt princess.

10th. Rissa learns to cook

19th. Krunch reveals secrets to Yari

20th. The party has a study session, wherein everyone is told about a spies in their midst who are trying to corrupt whomever they can to turn against the clan. They are getting information about the clan, and in particular about Krunch and Sparky. As well as making the clan seem bad. After word got out about Vorga, some guess she is the one that was trying to be turned. The kids are told to watch out for notes being read/passed or other mysterious happenings. Krunch and Yari take special care in the meeting to not allow anyone to spy on it.

31st. A new issue of the New Cave Times is released.


12th. Franziska and Clarice learn to talk to each other after much ado

30th. NEW CAVE TIMES Vorga returns to school


8th. Wolf Disappears for three days

12th. Wolf comes back in the morning in time for the party

Sparky and Krunch turn 17

16th. Wolf and Sparky disappear for 1 day. She warns Krunch she is going and will be back and don’t follow. Enlist Tizzy to keep him at the cave.


6th. Wolf turns 16

Wolf continues to disappear for 1 day at a time off and on during the month to go someplace to get his shit together

20th. Krunch and Tizzy mushroom hunt and talk history


Wolf continues to disappear for 1 day at a time off and on during the month to go someplace to get his shit together

2nd. While spelunking with Wolf and Sparky, a cave floor collapses under Yari, and he falls forty feet. Landing on his back, his spine pivots around his spear, breaking in three places. The greatest healers to be found are summoned, including Yari’s parents, and his life is saved. Verona is scolded for thinking Yari got hurt on purpose to break up with her.


Wolf continues to disappear for 1 day at a time off and on during the month to go someplace to get his shit together

Yari’s injuries continue to heal, and against the odds, he is able to walk short distances. It takes great effort, and he needs to hold on to someone else, but signs are hopeful he will make a full recovery.

1st. The kids start their fourth year at school.

By this time, Franziska has gotten Clarice to give her life story now that she can talk to her. See Franziska learns Clarice life history

6th. Yari and Rissa turn 15


11th. Yari is pronounced healed, though he is sentenced to ongoing physical therapy. His muscles have weakened from disuse, and his back is still weakened. Somehow, he has grown considerably during his months in bed.

12th. Krunch’s Journal.

12th – 26th An attack on the orcs is launched. The Fledglings are sent with the Dwarves to help in the attack. Aldhis comes back injured but ok with a numb arm from left over poison dagger attack. Hughye has his first orc kill and thinks it was nothing like the danger room. All other groups of students help with patrol of the valleys in case monsters slip through. Elves, Humans, the other two clans of dwarves all take their own section of the steppes. All groups of students kill at least some monster.

The rescued group of nomads move into Hidden Valley and set up in the woods just outside of Willowdale.

The kids meet Rowanthorn the treant that lives in the elven forest. They find out he knows Wolf from his outings. Rowanthorn brings them a fast asleep human who when they wake him find out he is Bran’s uncle Fester. Who has been asleep since 1190 (22 years) and has not aged. He walked into the high elves forest on request from the Elven Queen who was at that time an aspect of Lolth pretending to be the queen. Sven, Kara, Scraps and others killed her. No one else knew the evil Queen had put the druid to sleep with plans to use him, so no one woke him. Rowanthorn had found him sleeping in various places in this elven forest from time to time. Wolfs prompting to find and help the human had gotten Rowanthorn to search for him (as the forest moved him every day). Uncle Fester rightly decides to stop living in the elven forest and moves into the woods in Hidden Valley and the woods and animals there start to thrive. He makes arrangements with the towns folks on when and what they can hunt. They find it is to both their advantage. There are more animals to hunt and they have more meat on them, even though there is restriction on when and what they can hunt. He also is used to teach druid students that come to the academy.

30th. Lock down is lifted from school


3rd. Zen turns 16


30th. Verona turns 16


29th. Yari and Sardi watch a meteor shower.


2nd. Yari and Elsie decided to become Just Friends.

Rissa and Sardi watch a meteor shower and remain Just Friends

3rd. Rissa and Yari Talk About Everything or Nothing

5th. Yari and Verona watch the meteor shower.

6th. The kids arrive in Melinir

Rissa shares her memories with Sardi in her Bedroom

7th. Franziska turns 16

8th. Dispite Yari and Sven’s vigilance, Rissa and Sardi manage to sneak out (with a little help from Kara). [Story Pending]

10th. Elsie turns 15

King Yusoko has a private word with Yari at the Festival of the New Moon. Yari secures permission to propose to Verona.

Yari proposes to Verona.

11th. Rissa and Sardi go to the theater, on a bona fide date. [Story Pending]

12th. The world everyone knows crashes and burns

Rissa remembers Helping the Hurt

30th. Franziska remembers the disaster time

31st. Sven and Kara get a visit from an old Friends daughter and wise cat

AR 1213

1st. Tizzy turns 17

Things improve in Melinir


Things in Melinir improve enough to go back to school

28th. The Prince is Coming


Non-dwarf Fledglings don’t return to the school since there is only 3 months left and their cities are still rebuilding. Queen Shar agrees with them and sends them the eagle signia indicating they have graduated. They are:

Hippogriff - Hughye stays in Torlyne (human male bard) - Geoffry stays in Torlyne (human male wizard)

Phoenix - Eadulf – stays in New haven (human male barbarian)

Hippogriff - Zedena – stays in New Haven (female half orc of Sif)

12th. Sparky and Krunch turn 18


6th. Wolf turns 17

15th. The aritifact crown is located


1st. Krunch and Tizzy Study Sessions

10th. Verona contemplates the last 3 months

30th. Priestess Annabelle heard of Kara and Sven’s upcoming mission to Hidden Valley to figure out how to gentle disengage the area from Thunder Rift kingdom. She visited them and gave them a box with a lock. She requested that they take it to King Kendric the first time they had a chance. Under no circumstance should they look inside it as they needed to be able to say they do not know what is in it. Only if Kendric feels it is safe to tell them should he.


1st. Kara and Sven leave for Hidden Valley with their family, the house in a box, a treaty from the Queen and a box for Kendric.

6th. Kara, Sven and kids arrive with the caravan. They see King Kendric first with the news that they are there to negotiate for Queen Verona a way for Hidden Valley to split off from Thunder Rift. Also, to give him a locked box from Priestess Annabelle. He opens the letter from her and asks Laris to bring him Durin, Dargen, Gilrak, Ovlo, Sandin, and Duri from Gargolye.

He instructs them they are to not open the box until they are safely out of Thunder Rift. That the item in the box will allow them to identify the next King or Queen of Thunder Rift by glowing in that person’s presence. They must keep it safe and secret as others will want to steal it or corrupt it. The crown will glow somewhat if in the presence of the person without it being on their head. And will shine very bright when placed on the head. Return with the person. Under no circumstance should they tell anyone what they are doing.

The dwarves go back and give only a hint of finding a person to their friends before leaving.

Kara, Sven and kids show up in the Gargolye cave and let the kids know why they are there. That they will be putting the house down in Walden so come visit now and then. They will be there most likely till the end of summer. Then they celebrate Rissa’s and Yari’s birthday with them.

Yari and Rissa turn 16.

New kids arrive at the school all survivors from Thunder Rift Dwarven Clan: List of new students at the school

The kids start their fifth year at school (third level)

20th. Danger Room test with unending Trolls is foiled and Katarina starts planning an even worse test.

21st. Circus arrives late. 1/2 elven traders arrive with it. Some of the group buy interesting stones from them. They know the glamor on them is fake, but they think they are pretty. Only time can tell if they turn into something else. Then the group figures out the schemes being used to steal from the patrons of the circus and get the traders kicked out of the valley.

They get their fortunes told except for Franziska who asked Betsy not to tell hers. Betsy collapses when she gives Rissa’s because of a back lash from an evil lich who did not like being spied on. Rissa learns that is the one she must stop.

Betsy asks for a favor from the group, to locate her father Nym Songfall in the elven forest and bring him back so she can give him the item that was stolen from his group long ago by the lich. It is why they were homeless and had sought refuge in this valley from King Kendric. The group determine it was really Nym Dawnfall, one of the leaders of the elven council. He cast a glamor on his village to forget they were there and goes with them to see her. He does not want them to know he had married a human once. The group promises to keep his secret. She gives him the dragon orb and he asks Krunch to get his father and his seal to witness the gift from his daughter. They find that the seal was stolen by some one looking like Krunch, and eventually after secretly searching the circus find it in the Lizard on a stick man’s tent. He is dead and his tongue is cut out so they can not find out who did it. They find scent traces and tracks that lead to the keep. The seal is used to document the orb transfer. As thanks for helping her, Betsy, a bard like her father, gives Rissa a wand of Thunder Wave. Betsy dies of old age with only being able to give the group the name of the tiny hamlet she retrieved the orb from “Beachwood”. This is an extremely common name used for places near woods as well as those near water. She is buried at her fathers request in Willowdale so he can visit her in the human way.

Timeline to explain what happen with Nym and his daughter Betsy

23rd. Krunch is called before the dwarven high council, and the group goes with him. Obir Bonebreaker, leader of the high council has a hard time believing that it was a double ganger of Krunch that stole the seal. Says he will keep an eye on him and he better not step out of line.


Kara and Sven have hit problems with the split off of Hidden Valley. Kendric will help only temporarily with governing. He does not want to take on the humans as part of his kingdom permanently. The villagers want some type of independent government, but they have no experience. They ask Kara and Sven to help them set one up.


1st. The prince asks Verona to marry him and she agrees. The dowry his father pays early helps with the drained treasury. They decide on a December wedding that will be very small and inexpensive. She accepts a dress from his mother so she does not have to spend money on one.

15th. Missing crown jewels are found in Captain Matt’s office safe that only he knows the combination too, that had gone missing from the Queen’s residence a week before. They were to be sold for money by the city coordinator, “Balcum Reed”. Matt claims he has no idea how they got in his safe.

17th. Matt is found guilty of treason and some are calling for his head, but Franziska’s Father with Queen Verona’s blessing instead banished Matt from Thunder Rift. He moves to Hidden Valley, with his wife and daughter’s (Paleen) family as he knows he was set up and it is not safe for them to stay in Melinir anymore. He is not sure who it was. They believe him and leave town together. They warn Sven’s parents who decide to try to stay but start looking to see if someone is interested in buying the business just in case.

18th. Verona gives Yari’s ring to Paleen to take to him since she is getting married to Prince Falson. Matt and family leave Melinir.

19th. In Hidden Valley, Kara and Sven are finding the three towns of Hidden Valley are not able to settle on any one person to lead them or a joint governess. Each of the towns leaders think they would be better to lead the valley than the others. They also do not trust the others to be the Hidden Valley Mayor. Arguments ensue, and Kara and Sven are concern they three will go to arms with each other.

Aug 21rd. Matt and everyone arrives in the town of Walden and tell Sven and Kara about what happened. Sven and Kara talk about the possibility of leaving the kids with them, and going to the city to try to find out who did the set up. Matt is against it says it is too dangerous. He tells them that Annabelle visited him in jail before he left to warn him to not allow Kara and Sven to come back. She said that Iðunn warned against it greatly. Said it is not their time nor fight.

Word gets to the leaders of the three towns. They decide together they have a solution to Hidden Valley’s problem that will also help Kara and Sven’s family.

Aug 26th. The leaders of the cities approach Kara and Sven and ask them to become Mayors for Hidden Valley. They trust them. They are willing to form a government under them. They do not want a King or Queen. They will form a council and Sven and Kara will be joint mayors of the valley. All will have equal vote. Their family is welcome to stay.

Sven and Kara agree and they increase the size of the house to accommodate her Parents and her sister’s family.


1st. Paleen travels to the Golden Eagle Clan and gives the ring to Sven with a letter from Verona. And informs the group about what happened with their grandfather, and the decision of their parents to become Mayors of Hidden Valley. The house, now in Walden, has been enlarged to hold everyone until new separate homes can be built.. Come visit during December break.

3rd. Zen turns 17


1st. The castle Phase I is completed and Wizard Waldo goes back to King Tahoo.

15th. Sven’s parents find increasing issues with the authorities as well as patron drop off because of the accusations against Matt as well as rumors that the family had something to do with causing the earthquake. So they decide to sell the brewery for a loss and move to Hidden Valley. They bring equipment to restart the business in Walden with Sindre and Paleen’s help. It will be a much smaller business but they are alive, well and together so they don’t care. Sven and Kara’s house is enlarged again to accommodate them.

20th. The group find out about Sven’s parents move.

30th. Verona turns 17


Nov 12th. The first plague victim gets sick.

Nov 15th. The plague victim goes to the temple and they find normal cure spells are not working. By the time they can get Annabel to visit to try a heal spell (which does cure disease), the victim dies. In the meantime, they have infected 5 people. Priestess Annabel is the only high enough cleric of Thunder Rift to cast Heal spell.

Nov 18th. Five more people show up with the disease. Over the next three days, Annabel is able to heal only three of them. One of them gets better on their own, the other 1 dies. These 5 infect 5 people each.

Nov 21st. 25 people show up with the disease. Over the next three days, Annabel is able to heal only three of them. Five of them get better on their own, the other 17 die. These 25 infect 5 people each.

Nov 24th. Approximately 100 people show up with the disease. Over the next three days, Annabel is able to heal only two of them as she comes down with it as well and must heal herself since she is the only one that is a high enough cleric to cast Heal. 20 people get better on their own, the other 77 people die. These 100 infect 5 people each. The clerics and bards try a different approach, lessor restoration. They find it only slows the disease in some people but never cures it. By this they know it is a magical caused disease.

The city of Melinir is quarantined and they try to keep the sick away from the healthy as best they can. This occurs just as a caravan was about to leave for Hidden Valley and the dwarves. It is not allowed to leave, which keeps the plaque from getting to them.

Nov 27th. Approximately 500 people show up with the disease. Over the next three days, Annabelle is able to heal only three of them. 100 of them get better, and the other 397 die. Of that group, one of the rich people have the expensive bowl that can be used for Heroes Feast. They have Priestess Annabelle use it to heal their family for one of the days. Because of the lock down, no more of these can be obtained.

Nov 30th. The remaining ~1000 people in the town show up with the disease. Over the next three days, Annabelle is able to heal only three of them. One of these is the Prince. He refuses Annabel’s healing as he will take the chance he will get better. He insist she heal Jesse’s son instead who has a less chance to heal on their own. But he gets sicker and sicker.


Dec 1st – The caravan does not show up at Golden Eagle Clan as normal, though it is sometimes late. King Kendrick tells the group to wait. But they decide to go by themselves. They are strong enough that the King does not send anyone with them.

2nd. The kids leave for Melinir

By this time, a total of just over 700 have died, but in the late evening everyone still alive is miraculously healed. The clerics tell everyone it was the gods and the praying they had done. The Queen and her hand maiden know differently. The Queen sacrifice is what stopped the plague.

3rd. The quarantine is lifted from Melinir. Runners are sent to the other towns and return within days reporting the same miraculous healing on the second day of December.

5th. The Queen and Prince are married by Annabelle with only Franziska’s parents and the prince’s parents in attendance so as to not tax the kingdom’s resources, or people who are just starting to feel better and bury the large number of dead “again”. They did not burn them after the first ones were because the smoke from it was rumored to transmit the plague.

6th. The caravan leaves the town after Zen’s father completes buring his dead.

The group meets up with the caravan just outside the Bone Hills.

Zen’s father, Steven (now 15), Julia (now 14), Karfinn (now 13), Thala (now 12) inform Zen that his mother Lady Tekla Borgan and his brother Thord (was 11) and sister Hannah (was 10) are all dead from the plague. The rest were spared because they were on the caravan runs and did not get exposed until the very end when the plague was miraculously cured in everyone on Dec 2nd.

Zen’s father tells Franziska that her mother is well, Annabelle cured her in the first wave when few were sick. Annabelle is well as she cured herself so she could keep curing each day. Her brother, Zelig, is alive, he was strong enough to live without his sister’s healing. Her sister, Gerda, and father were not so lucky. Neither would allow Annabelle to heal them. They said she had to use her spells for others outside the family instead. That they would put their hands into the gods for being strong enough to survive it. But that did not happen. They both died.

Knowing what losing family members is like, Aldhis comforts both Zen and Franziska.

Zens father gives the letter for Kara to them from handmainden Jesse about sacrifice of Queen Verona and they read it

7th. Franziska turns 17

9th. The kids return to Walden to inform Kara and Sven. Kara prays that what Verona sacrificed is not worse than the plague. Tells Yari that it is only because of the gains he helped her make that she allowed her to even consider her people above herself.

The Queen and King ride through the town to cheers from the people who are still living. They decide to help people move to the city from outside of Thunder Rift to help repopulate the city. For between the earthquake the year before and the plague, the city has gone from just over 2000 to around 500, and other towns faired about the same percentage wise. They trust Balcum Reed to screen the people for who can come live in the city. Farms are identified that are now empty and send word out that in the spring these and other properties will come available for people to move into and work.

10th. Elsie turns 16

Aldhis and Sardi return to the keep with the caravan. The group goes to Melinir to investigate. Rissa, Yari and Wolf have disguised themselves.

14th. The group arrives in Melinir in the evening. Some go to Franziska’s.

Wolf goes to check on his thief friend. He is still in charge. Tells wolf Belcum the city coordinator and guards are taking bribes and no longer paying them any money. This is especially true of the new Captain of the guard, Captain Castrata or Cassy as everyone calls him. So they are trying to only steal from the rich, and still make some things. But times are hard, though they are getting by at the moment. No one is starving. He knows of someone who knows of someone who helped put in an underground tunnel to the new castle. But it would cost money to get the information.

15th. Zen checks out old neighborhood. Finds his father has hired someone to sell the house and goods. He picks out a small memento to remember his fallen family. Finds Mr. and Mrs. Blinker living in Wally’s old house. Lights are on in the old Lord Backman house but he does not bother to find out who is living in it now.

Rissa dresses up as a prostitute and goes to Elwood’s place. He invites her in, and then quickly lets her know he knows it is her, but it is a much better job this time. They talk and he agrees to use his resources to find out information about Belcum in Boton. He also lets it drop that the bards in the city are using the old tune for “Stinky the Halfling” to spread rumors about Kara and Sven’s family being the cause for the earthquake and now the plague.

16th. The group spreads themselves out along the route the Queen takes for touring the city weekly with the King. They determine she has an empty part of herself that they believe is her giving her soul up to save her people. They learn that King Falson and Queen Verona have circlets on their head that is magical with Abjuration and Enchantment on them that seem to block most communication with them. Yari using his special ability to crash enough through the barrier to tell her “I love you”. She searches the crowd for him, worried that he could be hurt if others recognize him. She only sees Zen.

They visit Annabelle, who let them know that the circlets were a gift from her father-in-law and they were for their protection. When told they also have Enchantment on them, she is taken back as they did not have that when they first arrived and Verona had her check them over. Someone must have gotten to them later.

Annabelle is deeply concerned by the thought that the Queen has given her soul to save her people from the plague. But that explains why the crown rejected Verona as future Queen, knowing what was coming it protected Thunder Rift. She tells them about sending the crown to Kendric and the mission the dwarves are on to find the future monarch for Thunder Rift.

Annabelle agrees to give Queen Verona a small box and letter from Yari when she next sees her. She will also start to send the group letters on what is happening in Thunder Rift.

17th. The group heads back to the keep.

AR 1214

1st. Tizzy turns 18

15th. All letters received from Annabelle, George (Wolf’s city guy) and Elwood, are all in Illusory script. They come via the caravan for until the kids leave the school.

Dear Franziska,

I have visited the Queen. You’re right, there is a hole of some type in the Queen, but I cannot tell if the darkness I see is her soul missing or not. But whatever it is, it is not good. When Falson stepped out of the room for a moment, I asked about the darkness and if she had sold her soul to save the city. She denied it verdantly.

I can also confirm that the circlet is enchanted with both enchantment and abjuration. I mentioned this to the Queen and King, but they said that the circlets make them feel good, calm, and happy, so since they also protect them, they are going to continue using them. They are checking with his parents about the extra ability to find out if they added it but did not say anything about it. They do not believe their parents would give them anything evil, and I could not sense any evil about them so did not try to talk them out of using the circlets.

Love Annabelle


15th. Dear Franziska,

Hazel’s daughter showed up finally. Nanci is around 30 and looks a lot like her. But it seems she is a sorcerer instead of a wizard. I had her over for dinner and found out her father was a wizard also who died young. I had never heard of two wizards having a sorcerer for a kid. Very unusual. But she is nice and has decided to continue living in her mother’s tower. The Queen has asked her to train her some more in her abilities. Hope that is not a mistake considering the emptiness in her.

Love Annabelle


12th. Sparky and Krunch turn 19

15th. Dear Franziska,

We have had a ton of people move into the city. Belcum is not being very restrictive like Captain Matt was. From what I can see, there are some nice people, but a lot of them are what I would consider lawless. Not sure what this will do to the city, but I suspect not good things. I sure wish Captain Matt had not been forced to leave. But at least he is alive.

Love Annabelle

Dear Rissa

I heard back from a cleric in Boton about my inquiry into Belcum. He used to be the city coordinator of Boton until Queen Verona asked him to come to Melinir. Rumor has it the city has not run as well with him gone as it did before. Not sure if that was tongue in cheek or not considering Boton is run by the syndicate more than by the aristocrats.

Your friend Elwood


6th. Wolf turns 18

15th. Dear Franziska,

All those new people, I am afraid we are getting some worshipers of evil gods in. I tried to request that I at the very least check people for demonic or devil possession, but was turned down. The Queen and King think Belcum is doing a great job getting the city repopulated. Those circlets seem to only allow them to see the good in people. I tried to talk to them again about not using them, but they would not hear of it.

Love Annabelle

24th. The Orcs attack the dwarven keep in mass. From above and below. They have Hobgoblines, Goblins, Gnolls, and Bugbears. There are thousands of them. The message stone to the Elves is being blocked. King Kendric sends the group out through the secret tunnels that Wolf has set up that opens into the forest to tell the Elven high council to execute plan B. They fight their way through numerous battles and finally get there. Clarice for the first time disobeys Franziska and joins them. Rowanthorn helps with the last battle. They find when they step through the elven barrier all evidence of the fierce battle going on is eliminated. Hence the need for them to tell the elves they are needed. Once Nym knows what has been requested, he grabs a box and has his people arm themselves. They get to the edge of the battle field and Nym has Rowanthorn hold him up and he takes out the Dragon Orb and releases a hugh amount of energy from it directed at the orc grown forces. They are obliterated. The remaining forces on the cliffs run away. They are harried by the dwarves and elves and as many as possible are taken out. The group joins in the celebrations afterwards. Several days later Obir Bonebreaker calls Krunch into the high council and demands him to write a sentence and compares it to another page. Shows it to the council which agrees it is the same handwriting. Shown the document, Krunch agrees he wrote it as an assignment. When told that some dead orcs were found with it in their pocket, he tells them he does not know how they got it. The King admits, he changed the patrols to match because he though his son had a good suggestion. Obir is not convinced that it was someone else and tells Krunch he is watching him. [ May be replaced/decreased with good write ups ]


15th. Dear Franziska,

I think I saw a were person the other night coming home. I am not positive, but if I was you, I would be sure to bring something silver or magical if you come this way again. I have heard back from friends in Boton that Belcum seemed to rule with an iron hand there. In some cases quite brutal. So far I have not really seen anything along that line. Hopefully, it is just a rumor and not actual fact or things may get worse in the city.

Love Annabelle


1st. The kids start their sixth and final year at school.

6th. Yari and Rissa turn 17

15th. Dear Franziska,

I believe the syndicate has finally made in-roads into the city. The past month has seen numerous battles in the streets at night. We have had to either treat wounded people in the morning or bury dead from the battle the night before. I was visited one night last month by a pretty beaten up fellow who left me a note to share with Wolf. Please see that he gets the letter I have included.

Love Annabelle


I have lost the battle for the city. If I try to stay, your previous master will have me killed to solidify his hold on my remaining people. And then most likely kill even more of them when he returns to Melinir. I do not wish to die nor have any more of my people die trying to protect me. I do not know how long before he shows up in Melinir, but It’s just a matter of time before he feels it is safe to return. Maybe I will look you up some day when things cool off.



15th. Dear Franziska,

Mother and our brother have had enough of the city. The thieves’ war was the final straw. They have moved to Walden and will stay with Kara and Sven till she can figure things out. Lots of people of the gentler sort decided to travel with her. Hopefully, the people of Hidden Valley will take them in. The temples have decided to send a few clerics with them to help with the influx of people. We are sending the more sensitive souls that are having a hard time with the change in the city. The rest of us are staying. We have decided to negotiate with the syndicate to supply low cost healing so that they do not try to break in to the temples or use force to get us to heal them.

Love Annabelle


15th. Dear Franziska,

I have heard from Mom, they have settled in at Walden. Kara and Sven have offered her a judgeship. She is very happy with that and is beginning to feel at home again. Now she just has to find a place of her own, even though she will be happy to be out of Sven’s house as they have had their conflicts in the past, she will miss Eliza’s cooking. She swears that women could make fried goblin taste wonderful. Kara decided to cook one night when Eliza was not feeling well. I am sure the fact that I chipped a tooth and had a stomach ache was purely coincidental. I understand now why Sven pays Eliza double what most cooks make.

Love Annabelle


3rd. Zen turns 18

28th Krunch hears a Hoo


1st. AR 1214-10-01 Krunch’s Plan

20th. King Kendric and Krunch set things up to look like he got tired of being accused and tried to steal the dwarves crown jewels. Krunch is kicked out of the keep until such time as he can prove it is someone else causing the problems at the keep besides him.

Sparky and Tizzy wave good by to Krunch

Kendric Summarizes Knowledge

Kendrics greatest fear

21st. The rest of the group, including Sardi are allowed to graduate early and join Krunch on their mission to save Thunder Rift and the Golden Eagle Clan from the coming darkness. Sparkey, Tizzy, Aldhis stay at the keep. Aldhis surprises Zen with a gift of normal Half Plate that she bought with her savings to keep him safe. Wolf is given his graduation present (+1 weapon) from his father before he leaves.

Yari and Rissa sit on a roof.

Sparky says her goodbys to Wolf

Tizzy loses everything

Zen says goodby

22nd. Yari picks up the armor promised him (which is Adamantine (critical hits become normal)). Krunch shows everyone the map from his father

Yari finds out that Elsie is being abused by Brog her fiancé. He tells Sardi and Rissa. Rissa goes and beats him up to show him that he should not beat women. Yari goes back and tells Elsie that she can go with them if she wants to.

That night while the kids slept – Granny calls the kids back to the Misty Realm Pocket Dimension to put Hazel to rest and Tinnith helps. They wake up and find the text has traveled with them. Krunch sends it back to the Dwarven keep for Tizzy to decipher with the hints that Hazel’s ghost gave them.

23rd. Elsie decides to join the group but to leave a note for her parents instead of saying goodbye to them. She meets them outside the village on a horse she borrowed, and then sent it back to her parents as it was trained to do.

The group heads to Walden to talk to Kara and Sven. Krunches grandfather shows up with a special present for him, an elven cape from his elvan great-grandparents, and a +1 battle ax from his parents that his mother made him.

Franziska stays the night at her Mothers. The rest stay at Kara and Sven’s. They try to buffalo them but they see through it and they end up telling them the truth.

24th. Franziska says goodbye to Clarice Elsie decides to stay in Walden because where the group is going is too dangerous and she is only slightly trained.

25th. The group travels to Butterpond and sleeps in their newly bought tents.

26th. The group travels to the Bone Hills through the tunnel.

27th – 28th Krunch details the trip to Brackenwood forest. Not mentioned is that Scarface was the old master of the city (George) 2nd lieutenant. The group disappears into Alfheim and is not see again for almost a year and a half because of the time difference. Luckily the people they stay with in Alfheim are able to let folks know in the real world.

30th. Verona turns 18


1st King Kendric has Aldhis move into the same dorm room with Sparky and act as her body guard and gives her details about the group’s mission.

10th Kara and Sven hire Elsie to help them with running Hidden Valley as joint mayors. She decides to send most of her money to her parents to help them replace her at the inn.

15th Bran, Yari’s younger brother who could not attend the dwarven academy because the dwarf orphans took all of the slots, decide to take the job at the inn that Elsie used to do. Eliza has been secretly teaching him to cook, and he has found he really loves doing it and seems to have a knack for it.

30th. Brog visits Elsie while she is walking Clarice and demands she return to him. When she says no, he grabs her and she breaks away from him using a move that Kara has taught her. Given the opening, Clarice attacks him. In the scuffle between Clarice and Brog, he stabs her through the head killing her and she tears his throat out killing him.


1st. Wolf’s Father, Rogi Axforger, having now made his one special weapon that he knows the gods will grant him as well as seeing what Ober is doing to try to cause strife among the dwarves, decides to stop making weapons. He asks King Kendric to teach him to lead his clan. He slowly starts making inroads with the dwarves from his old clan to accept him as leader, their new king.

3rd. Brog is buried. His parents blame Elsie. Elsie’s parents are not thrilled with what has happen so Elsie decides to remain at Kara and Sven’s. Bran loves working at the inn and everyone is raving about the food. He is also learning about bookkeeping.

7th. Franziska turns 18. Her family toast her and hopes she is ok.

10th. Elsie turns 17 and celebrates her birthday at Kara and Sven’s. Kara gives her a rapier, better for her abilities for her fight training they are doing. Sven gives her a flute and begin training her. Eliza starts to teach her how to cook.

24th. During the night Bridget and Valdosta have a dream sent by Iriet that the group is with her and safe and they will return sometime in the next 2 years because the time flow is so different.

25th. Bridget informs Sven and Kara. They write a letter sending it to King Kendric about what they have learned, not knowing that Iriet has also met Valdosta. King Kendric is told by his mother, Valdosta about the dream. He too writes a letter to Sven and Kara.

26th. The caravan arrives, but Zen’s family is not with it this time. They are on the caravan that goes to Boton instead this time so they do not find out where Zen went.

AR 1215

1st. Tizzy turns 19

6th. Zen’s father Oleif Borgen is arrested by Captain of the guard in Melinir, Captain Castrata when the caravan returns from Boton to Melinir. He is interrogated for days on end to try to find out the location of the group and in particular Krunch.

9th. Oleif’s kids give up trying to see their father at the prison. They find Idun Priestess Annabelle who then contacts Sif’s High Priestess Gallemore for idea’s of helping Oleif.

10th. Annabelle and Gallemore show up at the prison where Oleif is being held. They force Captain Castrata to allow them to do a Zone of Truth spell. This proves that Oleif does not know the groups where abouts. Oleif is released and escorted to the caravan outside the city and healed.

22nd. The temple of Idun is destroyed by a mysterious fire. Annabelle is severely burned rescuing many others trapped in the fire. She almost dies. 4 of the clerics die in the fire.

24th. The temple of Sif is destroyed by another mysterious fire. Gallemore was with Annabelle trying to save her life so did not get to the fire in time to save anyone or get burned. 6 clerics and 10 children die in the fire.


12th. Sparky and Krunch turn 20. The family has a quiet celebration and invite Tizzy giving them a chance to tell her that Krunch is in Alfheim and safe.


6th. Wolf turns 19. His parents have a quiet celebration with the other two kids by reciting stories about Wolf.

8th. The new temples for Sif and Idun is started in the artisan quarter of the new city. Rumor has it with funds from the syndicate. New clerics for both are brought in from Boton to lead the temples.

15th. Annabelle recovers enough to decide to live. Her and Gallemore convert Annabelle’s parents home into an orphanage. They begin taking in the kids on the street that the syndicate are taking advantage of. Their way to get back at them but hopefully, not make targets of themselves and the kids. The kids old enough are sent each year to Hidden Valley to get them out of the city and away from the influence of the syndicate.


1st. The rest of the groups year GRADUATES

2nd. Nalia Axforger, Wolf’s sister, starts school and is studying t be a cleric of Berranor, with the intention to eventually leading the clerics at the new keep her father, Rogi Axforger, will someday restart for the Thunder Rift clan.

6th. Kara and Sven celebrate Yari and Rissa birthday for them turning 18 even though they are not there

7th. Large group of refugees arrive in Hidden Valley

10th. Sparky and Tizzy is sent on a diplomacy mission to 4 of the big dwarven keeps:
- Silver Mountain (the one you guys visited on the second year you were students)
- Dronkarag (Thunder Mountain clan)
- Kirduhn (the one in the Bone Hills far south and west of Thunder Rift)

Along the way they search the area thought to be the old abandon dwarven keep, Kel Kalduhr, they all supposedly originated from but only find ruins of cities in the valleys around where they think it might be. Aldhis goes with her along with a large number of the graduating class to keep her safe on the journey. Tizzy keeps working on deciphering the text that Krunch sent her. It is expected the journey could take up to a year.


3rd. Zen’s family toast Zen turning 19 and hope he is ok and send some money to help Annabelle and Gallemore with the orphanage.


3rd. Elsie’s parents visit her telling her they forgive her and support her decision. They learn that her parents and Bran are planning on expanding the inn since business is booming.

30th. Verona turns 19


7th. Franziska turns 19

10th. Elsie turns 18

25th. Verona gets confirmation that she is pregnant.

AR 1216

1st. Tizzy turns 20


12th. Sparky and Krunch turn 21 Elsie goes back home to her parents inn with Kara and Sven for the grand opening of the new section of the inn. The kitchen is three times bigger, the dining room is twice the size, and they added three private dining rooms for different size groups. Last, they added ten more rooms to sleep in and added ten more stalls on the barn also. They now have three of the kids from Annabelle’s orphanages working there full time.


6th. Wolf turns 20


4th. The group gets the dragon orb only to find themselves in Alfheim for almost 2 months, while a year and a eight months go by. They point Hazelbush, Rowanthorn’s wife in the direction of the forest she can find him in over the plateau. Before they left for Alfheim, while in the cave getting the dragon orb, Rissa gets a calling from Gaia who sends her down a special tunnel to receive a gift from her mentor.

6th. Yari and Rissa technically turn 19 but they feel like 18. Yari receives a special gift from Odin for his birthday while in Brichtwood with the help of the unicorn known as Seamus, Run’s through Shadows husband.

7th. They fight the harpies, flying goblins and swarms of bats stopping them from bothering the sacred lake that feeds Yggdrasil, the world tree. Seamus and the centaurs who protect the lake are very grateful as they are not really into flying. Yari receives Letters from Elsie

15th. Verona gives birth to Princess Diana. Both are doing fine. Zen asks his sword what its name is and learns it is feminine with its name is Glinda.

16th. They arrive back in Hidden Valley to Kara and Sven’s home. Elsie and Yari spare and she does pretty darn good. Yari asks her if she wants to help the group in their missing and she agrees. Yari and Zen have a disagreement that night and Yari has the last word as he walks out to get drunk at his uncle’s pub. Yari and Elsie start to get back together. Unknown to the rest of the group, Krunch sends word via Hoo, his owl, about having Aldhis joining them to help protect Elsie when they are not around.

17th – 19th. Elsie and Yari decide to make it a secret they are back together again.

The Group Catches up on what has been going on while in Alfheim.

20th. Wolf Gets a Big Surprise when Sparky meets him in the woods outside of town secretly
Zen gets a big surprise when Aldhis meets him at the inn Krunch gets information from Tizzy from encrypted letter from Hazel

21st. On the morning they are to leave, Franziska is told by her mother that Annabelle has a special graduation gift for her. So stop in to the orphanage secretly when they are next in Melinir. Yari and Rissa are given a sendoff that includes both sets of grandparents who have definitely aged to them since they last saw them. Kara gives them a beautiful silk embroidered blanket for Verona’s child as a gift from Hidden Valley. They are to give it also to Annabelle who will see that it gets to Queen Verona for the baby. Elsie has a hard time while she travels to Butterpond with the group

In the late afternoon, Sparky, Tizzy and the dwarven fighters march into town and visit Kara and Sven to let them know how it fairs at the keep, and that they are off to visit the other three dwarven keeps for the king. They stay the other side of the town for the night. Then are off to visit the first dwarven keep: Ak-Dahkar

June 21st, 1216 – Ober, the pain in Kendric’s side from the old Thunder Rift keep causes issues after hearing rumors about the kids in Hidden valley. Demands King Kendric go capture them. Wolf’s father, Rogi Axforger, steps up and challenges him and wins when Ober presses the issue into a fight. One that ends up with Ober on the ground but still alive, but now off the council. Rogi officially announces he wants to restart the Thunder Rift clan. The dwarves from there discuss what to do and decide to leave the bodies buried but get back the stuff from the treasury.

22nd. The group leaves Butterpond and travels through the tunnel to Thunder Rift

23rd. The group travels through the bone hills

24th. Arrival in Melinir in the late afternoon.

25th. In the morning they sell the Jewel crested stand to a jeweler in the high market for $350 gold. Both thinking they got a good deal. Meanwhile, Yari goes to the castle to deliver the blanket his mother gave him to Verona and finally finds out what that it was Verona selling her love for Yari that fueled the miracle. She now loves her husband and Yari accepts he and Verona will never get back together. Yari gets to hold the new princess and finds it starts to make him think about having children but this time with Elsie. He leaves and the together the remaining members of the group are able to get out of the town with little difficulty.

On the road to Torlynn the group finds out about Wolf proposing

They arrive to Torlynn and decide on the name of the group to be the Silver Thorn

26th. The group is on the road At Golden Eagle Clan keep, Ober, tries to stage a coup of both kings by having his remaining few cohorts and him attack King Kendric and King Rogi when they are alone. Ober is killed by Rogi personally. The remaining cohorts are killed then as well by the two kings.

27th. Almost to New Haven they meet up with refugees from the city and the syndicate who are starving because something is keeping the game away from them.

28th. They leave Aldhis and Elsie with Sten and Miley Findley, parents of one of the refugees. That night Krunch lets Wolf know not to hurt his sister Sparky or else

29th. On the road

30th. Arrive a the foot of the mountain range where the Wizard Spire is. Glinda having recovered her powers and now being close enough to her body is able to tell them what happened. [see write up]. They decide to go to the Haunted Tower first.


1st. On the road camp just outside the Gloomfens

2nd. In the swamp, camp just outside where the Haunted Tower is.

3rd. Haunted Tower Part I and Part II

4th. Haunted Tower Part III

5th. The group headed toward Beech Hedge and then it would be on to Kleine to try to get Zen’s father back.

6th. Still 2 days out from Beech Hedge and no news from the Raven, and Yari and Zen were now worried as well about what was delaying the response back from Elsie and Aldhis.

7th. Raven arrives in the afternoon with message from Elsie in New Haven.
Elsie send Yari personal letter from New Haven
Aldhis sends Zen a personal letter from New Haven

8th. Group Arrives for the first time in Beech Hedge

9th. They meet Beech Hedge Resistance group and give them aid in their fight against the syndicate. Yari and Zen send a response letter to Aldhis and Elsie.

10th. Late afternoon the group arrives in Kleine and meet with Martin someone from their school..
They learn some about the city and the resistance group.

11th. The group travels to the burning hills and rescues Zen’s father from the syndicate. In the process of escaping they find an ancient treasure and take stuff

12th. The group travels to Beech Hedge and along the way discover teleporting does not work anymore in the Rift

13th-15th. Travel to Wizard Spire and Family of Zen

16th. The group storms the Wizard Spire with the help of some stone giants

17th. The group uses their influence with the giants and gets stuff from Glinda

In the morning Krunch and Wolf chat

In the evening Krunch and Yari chat

18th. Nasty people attack on the way to Kleine

19th – 20th. Travel to Kleine skipping Beech Hedge

21st. Arrival in Kleine and healing Vile Damage

22nd. To the bottom of Lake Ostrel to find Treasure

Sparky, Tizzy and the group arrive at Ak-Dahkar keep. The twins Bofor and Brock (Pegasus, the one that Sardi and Verona had been in) from the same graduation class as the group, arrive home. The first time since they left for school seven years ago. Their view of the world completely changed from what they grew up with. They are met with a celebration.

That night the group learns Its a wonderful life they lead after all during a dream of an alternate future they could have had if the Lich Lord had focused on getting her power back vs revenge

Anna is asked to stay around for letters to be written to their friends and that she agrees to deliver them. Wolf sends one to Sparky, Krunch to Tizzy, Zen to Aldhis, Yari to Elsie, and Franziska to her mother

23rd. First Day Planning the Jail Break in Kleine

24th. Second day of planning jail break in Kleine

25th. Third day of planning jail break in Kleine

26th. Fourth day of planning jail break in Kleine

27th. Fifth day of planning jail break in Kleine

28th. Jail Break Day in Kleine. Franziska finds out that the Executioner thinks he is her father


3rd. Glinda teaches Wolf how to make Misty Step work

5th. Glinda starts teaching Franziska how to cast Teleport Circle and make it work.

11th. Elsie and Aldhis arrive at Silverbriar in the late afternoon. Aldhis tells Zen she does not want to wait to get married. Franziska completes her training on Teleport Circle.

12th. Zen and Aldhis get married.

13th. AR 1216-08-13 Yari and Elsie get married.

15th. Wolf and Krunch leave after the weddings for Melinir. Glinda and Franziska announce at dinner they are leaving in the morning for Walden to visit her mom and brother. Rissa bothers Yari and Elsie on their honeymoon.

16th. Glinda and Franziska visit Franziska’s Mom, Bridgett, and brother Zelig for one night. Rissa bothers Yari and Elsie on their honeymoon

17th. Rissa and Aldhis leave in the morning to return to New Haven to continue the infiltration. Elsie stays in Silverbriar. In the afternoon, Glinda and Franziska return home very tired and hungry.


3rd. Zen technically turns 20 but he feels like he is just 19

20th. Elsie travels to New Haven with Yari and she switches places with Rissa at the farm. Rissa now takes Aldhis place and Aldhis returns with Yari to Silverbriar.

25th. Sparky, Tizzy and the group leave Ak-Dahkar keep

30th. The Cloud Giants arrive. The leader, Lando, makes a deal with Zen’s family to have Zen’s father, Karfinn (now 16), Thala (now 15) travel with them. Zen’s brother and sister (Steven (now 18), Jullia (now 17)) remain to help negotiate trade between Silverbriar and other groups.


22nd. Glinda journal entry: Some of the group just returned from visiting the unicorn in Brichtwood. Zen’s father was able to secure a deal with them to supply needed vegetables. They grow them there during the winter near a hot springs they have.

25th. Aldhis travels to New Haven with Yari and she switches places with Rissa at the farm. Rissa now takes Elsie place and Elsie returns with Yari to Silverbriar.

30th. Verona turns 20


1st. Glinda journal entry. The cleansing of the castle went the way we thought. But after that, because of the cold weather, it is taking much longer to cleanse the mountain. Hopefully we still will be done in time for spring planting at the rate we are going.

5th. Sparky, Tizzy and the group arrive at Bardahn keep

15th. Ginda journal entry: Some of the group just returned from visiting the New Haven resistance that now hunts in the forest nearer to us now. We have meat again that does not smell like the underdark. Suddenly I find I am hungry again! I was getting very tired of the berries Yari makes. A supply line has been set up to keep it coming. Life is good again.

28th Elsie travels to New Haven with Yari and she switches places with Rissa at the farm. Rissa now takes Aldhis place and Aldhis returns with Yari to Silverbriar.


7th. Franziska technically turns 20 but feels like she is just 19.

10th. Elsie turns 19

12th. Glinda journal entry: Training is going well the group says. They are keeping me busy with teleporting people back and forth. We are trying to keep the usage down so as to not leave too much of magic that can be traced here though. So far it is working. No one has come to the mountain looking.

15th. Sparky, Tizzy and the group leave Bardahn keep

18th. Trade is established between Hidden Valley and Silverbriar. The Full Plate for Sardi is obtained for him in the process.

31th. Aldhis travels to New Haven with Yari and she switches places with Rissa at the farm. Rissa now takes Elsie place and Elsie returns with Yari to Silverbriar.

AR 1217

1st. Tizzy turns 21

2. Glinda journal entry: Finally the mountain is cleansed. Building places for everyone and out buildings is moving along. We will now start bringing in live deer and other animals from the two trading groups so we can start repopulating the mountain.

30th. Sparky, Tizzy and the group arrive at Valdor keep


1st. Simba the priest of Sif that was saved by the temple of Clanggendin arrives in Silverbriar.

5th. Elsie travels to New Haven with Yari and she switches places with Rissa at the farm. Rissa now takes Aldhis place and Aldhis returns with Yari to Silverbriar.

12th. Glinda journal entry: With things going so well, the group has decided to start doing hit and runs against the syndicate. The cash we steal from them will help with the purchases we are making with the Cloud Giants. Otherwise money was starting to get tight.


8th. Glinda journal entry: Finally got Yari to give her an entire week so he is now trained in how to Misty step and his amulate is permanently attuned to him.

10th. Aldhis travels to New Haven with Zen and she switches places with Rissa at the farm. Rissa now returns to Silverbriar with Zen.

12th. Sparky turns 21 while at Valdor keep and is given a huge celebration by the clan. Krunch technically turns 21 but feels like 20

15th. Sparky, Tizzy and the group leave Valdor keep


6th. Wolf technically turns 21 but feels like 20

12th. Glinda journal entry: Well, the last of the group that is in Silverbriar has had the amulates permanently attuned to them. It has been hard getting them to sit for a week with all that is going on, as well as what else they needed me to do. Now only Krunch and Wolf need to be done.

15th. Glinda journal entry: One down two to go on the attunements. Finally, Rissa came back permanently so I could get it done.

28th. Sparky, Tizzy and the group arrive back at Golden Eagle Keep


1st. Krunch sends his journal of his and Wolf’s time in Melinir from 1216-09-15 thru 1217-05-03 with his owl Hoo

2nd. Hoo arrives with Krunch’s journal and the group decides to read it

3rd. Krunch confronts the master and Wolf breaks into the High Lord Sandlewood’s home to try to find out where his different nightly resting places are. This is because Wolf recently found out he is the vampire that the master uses to turn others into vampires, like the guy and gal the group found in the Haunted Tower. Without that information, it is almost impossible to kill the vampire. Wolf finds the information, but as he is memorizing the information, he is detected and almost killed. He barely gets away with knowing where several of the resting places are. Wolf and Krunch join up after that and head toward Silverbriar. Sure that the time they have spent has been worthwhile.

9th. Krunch and Wolf arrive in the morning, back safe and sound and update the group on what happened.

23rd. Glinda journal entry: Wolf and Krunch have had their amulates permanently attuned finally.

24th. Inuki gets Mithral armor from dwarves that now live in Silverbriar as a gift.

25th. Clarice gets Mithral armor from dwarves that now live in Silverbriar as a gift.

26th. Rescue of the baby dragon of Gretiem the Magnificent

27th. In the morning the group gets back to Golden Eagle Keep after a party with the Dragons and people far south of the Rift and much happens.

27th Evening through 31st Evening The group goes on an adventure in the old Thunder Rift Caves for King Rogi


3rd. The group Return Hero’s but get a big surprise when they get back to the Golden Eagle Keep.

4th. In the morning, Sparky and Wolf disappeared for three days. Rumors had it they were visiting Rowanthorn.

That afternoon Sven and Kara arrived. It had taken time to find people they trusted to take over the inn in Willowdale so that Ian, Ida and Bran could be freed up. They set into motion getting Elsie and Aldhis to the keep for 6 hours the next afternoon. The party is planned for the next day as well. Graduation is the day after.

5th. There are many Celebrations at Golden Eagle Keep during the day and evening.

6th. Yari and Rissa technically turn 20 but they feel like 19. At lunch, their parents and siblings give them small gifts knowing they can not carry much with them, and they did not have much time to plan for the birthdays.

Graduation in the evening goes seamlessly. Rissa gives Sigfuss a replica of his god Heimdall’s Gjallerhorn. It was inlayed with gold and silver in an intricate pattern. She had bought it from one of the dwarves several days earlier once she knew they would be there for the graduation.

7th. More on Bjorn the soon to be king and his children

Wolf and Sparky return and they have wonderful news that Sparky shares with the group. Rowanthorn and Hazelbush had a new sapling they were growing in the elven forest. It does not talk or move yet, and has a lot of growing to do before that can happen. They are both proud parents and send their thanks to the group for helping to get them back together. They owe the group a large debt. ‘Runs Through Shadows’ is still with Sparky so her parents look visibly relieved.

8th. Sven, Kara and their family head back home.

10th. The group meets with the three Kings who ask them to subdue the Master and return him to Golden Eagle Clan for Justice and explain why. After which the group returns to Silverbriar with most of to be King Bjorn people to prepare for the fight for the northern cities.

15th. Princess Diana turns 1


12th. One year wedding anniversary for Zen and Aldhis

13th. One year wedding anniversary for Yari and Elsie

16th. The group starts phase I of taking out the Master. The reclaiming of the northern cities from the syndicate

18th. Discover the Masters plan of killing all of the people in the northern cities of Thunder Rift

19th. They leave for the High Lord Vampire’s place to stop him from slaughtering the people in the three cities

22nd. Fight for Melinir

28th. The group arrives with the Master to Golden Eagle Clan’s keep. Alone, Wolf ask Sparky to take their relationship to the next dwarven level. Human’s think of it as engaged, but it is just the first step on a long road before a dwarf actually gets married. Sparky accepts but they both decide to wait to tell their parents until after the trial.

29th. Trial for the Master takes place Sparky tells her parents and grandparents about the “engagement” and they are happy for them

30th. Valdosta dies and has her funeral during which the group has visions

31st. Kalistar leaves for the High Queen’s forest to take Valdosta’s letter to her grandmother the Queen


1st. Wolf and Sparky stay at Golden Eagle Clan and start preparing with the Thunder Rift clan to start exploring and building a new keep in Thunder Rift near the old one.

Krunch and Tizzy leave for Boton to start research into Beachwood. They are joined by a small group of dwarves to keep them safe.

Yari, Elsie and Sardi head back with King Bjorn and his escort fighters to Melinir where they aid his getting the city back in order. Gunnar and Tomas (King’s sons) go with them and start their training with Yari as squires. Lena and Helga (King’s daughters) go with them. Lena works with Sardi and they fall in love. Helga and her boyfriend Craig help also.

Franziska teleports herself, Zen, Aldhis, and Rissa to Silverbriar and prepare to go to Domesnart

3rd. Zen technically turns 21 but he feels like he is just 20

4th. Katrina has a still born child. Her and Bradock are heart broken but throw themselves into parenting the kids in their cave.

8th. The cloud giants arrive at Silverbriar

12th. The cloud giants leave Silverbriar taking Rissa, Franziska, Zen and Aldhis on their way to Domesnart

22nd. Krunch, Tizzy and the other dwarves arrive at Boton. They find a city that seems to have few syndicate members patrolling the streets. They start their research at the great library.


10th. Krunch and Tizzy are approached by members of Boton’s non-syndicate citizen’s. They learn that most of the syndicate were sent to Thunder Rift. The citizen’s want their help in learning how to win against the syndicate that are left, like the Silverthorn did in ThunderRift. The two agree to help.

30th. Verona turns 21


1st. Rissa, Franziska, Aldhis and Zen arrive at Domesnart

5th. Franziska teaches Quac the teleport circle spell and he begins to cast it every day in one of the fortified temples so the city will have its own circle in a year. He gets permission for it afterwards.


7th. Franziska technically turns 21 but feels like she is just 20

10th. Elsie turns 20

AR 1218

1st. Tizzy turns 22 In Domesnart, Rissa’s play “Beautiful Sleeping Gnome” starts with Rissa playing the wicked witch 5 days a week with a gnome stand in for the other 2 days.


1st. Helga’s (King Bjorn’s daughter) fiancé Craig and five others die in an explosion while working on setting charges for demolition. Only a resurrection would bring them back and the King decides against spending the money to do that. Helga goes into a depression at the lost of him.

28th. Sardi and Lena get married in a private affair to save money for the kingdom.


2nd. Yari goes back to Silverbriar with Elsie permanently since Melinir is doing well. The Kings sons (Gunnar and Tomas) go with Yari to continue training. Sardi stays with Lena at Melinir to server the King there.

12th. Sparky turns 22


6th. Wolf technically turns 22 but feels like 21

16th. Zen and Aldhis leave Doomsnart with the Cloud Giants.


2nd. Rissa sends a message to her parents inviting them to come to the play. But Kara cannot talk Sven into it.


6th. Yari and Rissa technically turn 21 but they feel like 20

10th. Elsie gives birth to Kustaolin. Yari is thrilled at the birth of his son. He sends a cryptic message to Rissa and eventually actually tells her about the birth.

15th. Princess Diana turns 2


5th. The final syndicate members are overthrown in Boton and new government is elected. A great joy settles on the city. There is still a minor Thieves guild in the city but they have their heads down so as to not be noticed by those cleansing the city. Tizzy and Krunch are awarded the “Keys to the city”.

30th. The Cloud Giants arrive to Silverbriar with Zen and Aldhis


1st. Rissa is told that Quac’s friend Mo is willing to help the group. Rissa sends a message to Yari who contacts the others.

3rd. Tizzy, and Krunch leave Boton with the remaining escort dwarves and head back to Thunder Rift.

6th. Sparky and Wolf leave for Silverbriar.

8th. The group from Boton arrive in Melinir. The remaining escort dwarves leave for Golden Eagle clan keep with a report from Krunch and Tizzy for King Kendric. Krunch and Tizzy stop and visit the castle, meeting with King Bjorn and bring him up to date. They have dinner with Sardi and his wife Lena (King Bjorn’s oldest daughter) where they find out that Lena is 4 months along with child.

9th. Sardi, Krunch and Tizzy head to Silverbriar

12th. Second year wedding anniversary for Zen and Aldhis

13th. Second year wedding anniversary for Yari and Elsie

15th. Tizzy, Sparky, Krunch, Wolf, Sardi arrive at Silverbriar and make plans after looking at the location and information about the various Beachwood’s.

16th. Tizzy and Sparky head back to Golden Eagle Clan keep on “Runs Through Shadows” with some dwarves from Silverbriar for safe journey.

18th. The Cloud Giants leave Silverbriar with Zen, Wolf, Krunch, Yari, and Sardi headed to Domesnart. Aldhis being pregnant, decides to stay with Elsie and her young son.

20th. King Bjorn not seeing much improvement in his daughter Helga, sends her away to give her something new to see and do to try to get her out of her depression. She is sent to Hidden Valley to Sven and Kara. Kara helps her start to want to live again.


3rd. Zen technically turns 22 but he feels like he is just 21


10th. Quac completes the Teleport Circle in a fortified temple in Domesnart

15th. The group visits Domesnart and Quac

16th. The group starts working on getting passage on one of the trading boats that travel the inland sea.

19th. The group secure travel on the Loose Goose, a human run ship.

20th. The group leaves on the Loose Goose

28th. The group arrives at Laketown and proceed to pay for a lavish party for the town to help get information about the Beachwood that is 8 days inland from Laketown.

29th. The group leaves for Beachwood

30th. Verona turns 22

31st. The group arrives in Applewood


1st. Kara sends Helga to work at the inn in Willowdale.

2nd. The group arrives in Bollywood

4th. The group arrives in Carrotwood

6th. The group arrives in Beachwood. They take the night watch for the men to try to find out what has been attacking them and spiriting away the men or killing them. The first night they meet a ghost who is hundreds of years old name Grady.

7th. Grady finally talks to them and gives them information on the same type of beast who took or killed all in the village hundreds of years ago. They put her ghost to rest because she has full filled her quest to help the villagers.

12th. The group fight to save the first Beachwood they go to

13th. The story continues on another plane

14th. Beachwood celebrates getting everyone back, but then shortly thereafter, they start to pack up since it is not safe to stay since Brittney the Dao can easily plane shift to their town and remove the stone wall from in front of her portal.

15th. Matt and Helga start seeing each other.

17th. The people leave Beachwood to join their other families in the cities north of Beachwood. They thank the group for the invitation to move to Thunderrift, but they all decide to stay since they have family in the area. The group leaves to find the cave that breathes.

22nd. The group meets King Louie who wants Man’s Red Flower

24th. 2 days later, a group of awakened animals attack, giant constrictor snakes, swarm of hummingbirds, giant hyenas, elephant, and brown bears. The group is able to use spells to stop the monsters without killing any of them except the swarms. Franziska manages to teach the baboon how to cast a cantrip.

25th. They Fight the Awakening Druid

26th. Head toward the snowy mountains to find the cave that breathes. It looks to be 5 days away from where they are now through the mountains, or 22 days if they go around the mountains. They decide to take the mountain route, through the red dragon’s territory.

29th. They fight the red dragons and its protectors and piss off their friend Gretiem the Magnificent the copper dragon.

31st. They finally get to Gaia’s breath cave. Fight Purple Worms at the Dwarven cave, trade Trent stingers for 2 portal locations. Trent meets King Louie. The group ends up in Adrak Tor.

The group enjoys Adrak Tor festival including meeting new people. A young in love couple, and a brother and sister running from a father. (include fortunes). They learn from the brother and sister who used to be held by the Liche Lord as they were growing up, that there is a song they caught her singing that she let drop was a lullaby. Rissa learns the tune and words to it from them.


1st. Next morning both groups get a letter from Madam Nim under the door. After breakfast they deal with a mechanical dog. Then Sardi gets a message that his wife is in labor. The group decides to teleport back to Silverbriar.

2nd. At 2 am, Lena gives birth to twins a month early. One girl and one boy. King Bjorn is thrilled. Lena names the girl Greta, after her mother who died three years ago. And names the boy Joshua, after Sardi’s father.

Later in the day Sardi tells the group he has decided to stay there instead of going back with the group. He will stay to take care of Silverbriar and his twins.

3rd. After breakfast, the group goes back to Adrak Tor and goes shopping for spell scrolls and message stones.

The prince’s, Gunnar and Tomas, get a message from Misha, their father’s mage to go to Thor’s temple to get teleported back home with Yari. Yari is replaced by Olaf the King’s cleric.

Many things happen after that.

7th. Franziska technically turns 22 but feels like she is just 21.

Wolf gets a letter from Glinda which is from Gretiem.

8th. The White Horse ship arrives in port. They speak with the captain who is thrilled to learn that the Red Dragon who did own the ship is now dead. The captain produces papers that the Dragon signed saying if he ever died that the captain inherited the ship. The dragon did it as a joke to appease the humans on his ship. The group agrees to this but then negotiates a good deal with the captain to give them a ride to the different Beachwood’s around the continent as the captain sails along his route. The group lets Yari know that the ship will set sail at noon the next day.

Knowing he has to leave the next day, Yari and Elsie celebrate her birthday 2 days early.

Dec 9th. King Bjorn gives Gunner a satchel and ask him to give it to Father Jarl. After Misha messages Olaf to go to the Temple of Thor, Misha opens a portal to there, and the boys teleport to Adrak Tor and Father Olaf comes back to Melinir. The boys proceed to the inn where they were told they would find the group.

Franziska opens a portal to Silverbriar and Yari joins the group in Adrak Tor, and Aldhis goes back to Silverbriar.

Krunch receives a message from Tizzy that is short and sweet and not leaving much room for discussion, “Elven Queen sending Sparky and I to Elfheim to find your Grandpa. Will talk later when we have more information about what is going on.” By the time Krunch relays to Wolf, and Wolf asks for him to get clarification, Krunch gets no response back from Tizzy. They assume that the two have already gone to Elfheim. Wolf tells Inuki to go protect them and releases him back to Elfheim to find them.

Gunner gives Yari the satchel and after opening it and finding the letters, gives the group their personal letter from the King.

Letter to Wolf from King Bjorn About his sons

Letter to Krunch from King Bjorn About his sons

Letter to Zen from King Bjorn About his sons

Letter to Rissa from King Bjorn About his sons

Letter to Franziska from King Bjorn About his sons

They join captain Bram Rothwell aboard the ship “The White Horse” where he proceeds to show them the ship route and the spots he understands they want to visit. The discuss and agree to the plan until they decide to change it. They leave for the Beachwood that is just south of Mishna Tor in the north.

10th. Elsie turns 21

25th. The group is dropped off in a long boat just out side #7 Beachwood and the ship continues on to Mishnah Tor.

The group finds the village abandon, but a wizard’s journal provide information on why. Mi-Go’s ported in from some alternate universe have taken women and children captive for breeding, and the men all killed. Yari using his sky sight, finds them. They proceed to the location outside the town and kill the Mi-Go’s, sending the Queen back to where she came from. They save all of the women impregnated and the ones waiting for eggs. They teleport all 32 of them to Silverbriar for them to be taken in by the town.

They take the next 5 days to search the area and find nothing that indicates that Kolfina ever was here.

Dec 29th. They row the long boat out to “The White Horse”. Yari and Zen have Franziska teleport them back to Silverbriar until they get to the next Beachwood.

AR 1219

1st. Tizzy turns 23

10th. The ship arrives in Yendal Toria where the group decides it does not sound like it is worth departing the ship because of the constant fighting the city is going through from what the captain tells them about the city. “They are constantly at war compared to the city they visited already. Not safe to walk around the city much without protection from one of the houses. The captain and his men do not leave the ship as it is not safe, they unload, load and then wait till the next day for the tide to come back in for it to be safe to leave. They have each shogun merchant come one at a time to the ship to do the pre-arranged trade. Been this way for over 100 years. It started with one faction killing all of another factions matron mothers. Eventually, all matron mothers were killed, even those sent into hiding. New ones were started of course but the loss of knowledge was detrimental to the families.”

19th. The ship docks in Valkir Mar. Wolf, Krunch, Franziska and Rissa depart and check out the peaceful city. They go shopping first, where Wolf buys 3 sending stones sets, and Krunch get 2 more sets. The group finds an empty alley and Wolf puts all of the sending stones into a bag separated with a note for Tizzy and Sparky to use them. He summons Inuki. The group watches as the two silently communicate. Wolf puts the bag into Inuki’s pack and sends him back. Happy now, Wolf says let’s get a drink. They head to a pub where they witness three swindlers try to con a barkeep out of gold. Krunch whispers to the barkeep so he does not lose his gold. The remaining swindler gets booted out of the pub. The barkeep gives them an elephant token in gratitude.

That night Wolf and Krunch get a message from Sparky and Tizzy. The first one has them speaking so fast, that they are understandable. They both let them know to slow down. The second message lets them trade a few words that are understandable. The third is even better, but not good enough to understand much.

28th. The gals try to use the stones again their next day which is about 9 days later for the guys. They finally figure out that to make the messages work, that the gals must take a full minute their time to say the 25 words so it is slow enough for the guys to understand (6 seconds their time). The guys are understandable by saying their words within 6 seconds, it just takes a full minute for the words to be heard by the gals. With that they figure out that for every week in Elfheim it is about 2 months in Threas. The most they can communicate is about every 9 days, because the gals stones are limited to once per their day. The gals also let them know that the messages will be cryptic because they are not sure if others overhear them in Elfheim.

30th. The ship arrives at #9 Beachwood

31st. Ship leaves #9 Beachwood.


6th. The gals open up communication and Sparky let’s Wolf know things. Tizzy let’s Krunch know things.

8th. The Dragon Turtle is sighted and much mayhem ensues. Yari, and Zen go back to Silverbriar after the fun. The group keeps the pound of turtle shell in case they need to bargain with Trent again. Krunch and Wolf take the remaining pieces of turtle shell and make things for Tizzy and Sparky from them.

9th. Yari has a dream.

15th. The gals open up communication and Sparky let’s Wolf know some of what is going on Tizzy let’s Krunch know the summer queen is asking questions about their sharing their child, Krunch tells her to tell the Queen “NO WAY

27th. The group arrives at Fire Island and gets their lava sample..


3rd. “The White Horse” picks the group up from the Fire Island. Yari and Zen return to Silverbriar until needed.

6th. Aldhis gives birth to a daughter. She names her Tekla after Zen’s mother.

12th. Sparky turns 23

21st. The group visits number 1 Beachwood.


6th. Group visits Beachwood #3 while “The White Horse” trades with merchants in the city. They decide this is not the Beachwood they are looking for.

Wolf technically turns 23 but feels like 22

19th. Group is dropped off Quag’s keep. They hikes 10 days to #2 Beachwood.

28th. Group arrives in number 2 Beachwood and discover amazing things


1st. Group with Sparky and Tizzy arrives at the Tower

The group enters the Ancient Tower

The group faces Rat to earn the information they have requested

Done with their part of the bargain, M shows them the past about the Lich Lord.


6th. Yari and Rissa technically turn 22 but they feel like 21

10th. Yari and Elsie’s son Kustaolin turns 1

15th. Verona daughter Diana turns 3 years old


18th. The group return to find more than 2 months have past. They go to Golden Eagle Keep to Retrieve Roots of the Earth from Sparky and Tizzy

26th. The group head to the north frozen waste lands to get the last of the 4 items the need for the ritual

27th. The people living in the north under Boreas domination pack up and Franziska opens several portals to allow all of the people to return to Quag’s keep and the families they left behind.

28th-30th. The group travels through the frozen waste land heading to the glacier. On the third day, they are way laid by an ancient white dragon, and his “friends”. Krunch gives them 9 +1 throwing daggers to pay the toll to pass through their lands so they do not have to fight them and possibly die.


2nd. The group finally reaches the glacier and Kolfina has some Abominal Yeti’s and a snow devil waiting for them. They easily defeat them, get the frozen ice they need for the fourth item in the ritual, then teleport back to Silverbriar to spend a few days resting up before heading to Domesnart.

3rd. The group spent the day in Silverbriar where they discussed their next steps. There was much disagreement about the order they should do things. After listening to the arguments for long enough, Sardi offered to do a divination to see if the Gods could give them guidance. The answer they received was when they found the phylactery, they should convince her soul to move on to Nifflehiem. Then destroy the phylactery, and then kill the lich lord.4th. Went to Doomsnart and fought Jutan giant. Ritual occurred using Wolf’s maul.

4th. 1219-08-04 Ritual Is Cast on Weapon

5th. The wedding between Wolf and Sparky is a huge success. They do the dwarven thing with hammers and lighting the hearth. One of the dwarven bards say they plan to write a story about it and get to work.

During the celebration afterwards, the Zen talks to the Summer Queen about what they know and finds out that she had heard about Tinnith being missing when Tinnith’s parents had asked for aid from the Queen. The Summer Queen had not been able to help find Tinnith.

6th. Honeymoon for Wolf and Sparky begins in the cave near the woods that Rowanthorn lives in. That way they can visit when they want to check on the sapling. Everyone else except Tizzy and Krunch, return to Silverbriar. Tizzy and Krunch agree that they will wait the normal dwarven time and not rush things even though he could die in the fight to stop the Lich Lord.

12th. Third year wedding anniversary for Zen and Aldhis and they celebrate till Elsie goes into labor.

13th. Third year wedding anniversary for Yari Elsie gives birth to twin boys a month early. They name them Sardi and Ulfar Silverthorne.

14th. Yari stays for an extra day with the twins

15th. Day 1 in Misty Realms – 1219-08-15 Arrival to Misty Realms

Day 2 and 3 in Misty Realms. Spent planning in the city

Day 4 in Misty Realms. A couple of days later after negotiating the plan with all of the groups, the Silverthorn headed out north of the city. They had said goodbye that morning to the 50 some Dwarves, lead by Princess Dara, as they headed North East to cross the mountains hopefully undetected by using known underground passages, to get to the far corner. The 25 Elves along with Tinith and Mial headed east to fight with Fire Giants that they felt they could just run around the lumbering hulks.

The Silverthorn was besiged by numerous undead the first day out from the city. They did not even let them get a full nights rest, attacking Inuki as he tried to sleep outside. But the group did manage not to lose anything real important duing any of those fights

Day 5 in Misty Realms. The group’s day was filled with scrimages with knoll hunting parties.

Day 6 in Misty Realms. Obtain rock from Kobold area

Day 7 in Misty Realms. The group spent fighing even more organized gnolls draining their resources plenty.

Day 8 in Misty Realms. Return to Drisden with their Rock

Day 9 in Misty Realms. Return with Dwarves to the city of Drisden with the final rock

Day 10 in Misty Realms. Misty Realms – Find the traitor and new recruits to help in the quest

Day 12 in Misty Realms Obtain the Orb from Dalsein

Day 12 – Dalsein story of how he lost the orb and his freedom

Day 13 – Granny’s story

19th (still August 1219). Yari Discovers Devil Cult

20th. The group teleports to Beachwood to Destroy the Lich Lords Phylactery

The group plane shifts from near Beachwood to Niffleheim to kill the Lich once and for all while time passes faster back in Thunder Rift.

21st. Gunnar, who is training with Sparky at the Thunder Rift Keep, gets a vision from Odin and he tells Sparky he is supposed to now train to be a paladin of Odin. She agrees to train him in that specialty until such time as it proves better to send him to someone else to train.

29th. The necromancer appears at the castle and kills Father Ralph, who is visiting the king, when Ralph tries to protect the king. Father Olaf who is also dining with them is driven insane. The necromancer kidnaps King Bjorn and 4 guards. In the process he also kills 26 other guards.

30th. High priestess Annabelle and Galamore try to help Olaf for days, but only succeed enough to save his life and get him able to talk. But he talks crazily about what happened. But enough so they suspect it was the necromancer who did this atrocity as revenge of the death of his followers led by Yari.

They notify Bjorn’s kids (Lena, Gunnar, Helga, Tomas), Kendric and Shar, Rogi and Elda Axforger, and Sven and Kara, and mayors of the bigger cities in Thunder Rift about what occurred.


1st. In Niffleheim, the group fights the Lich and wins, but at great cost 1219-09-01 Lich fight

Sparky faints and has a vision while unconscious. She sees Berronar who tells her Wolf has died, sacrificing himself to save his friends. The goddess allows them to say goodbye. She will see him again when she passes as they will both end up in Dwarfheim. Wolf tells her that Berronar has said Sparky is pregnant with their children. She needs to go live in Elfheim so the Summer Queen can help keep the children alive till they are born. It will be twins. Without her help, because Sparky is so young, that there is a good chance they would be lost. When she wakes, she informs his parents and his step brother Noda (14 years old – decided to not go to the academy – is studying to be a battle ragger). They contact Kendric and Shar who tell Wolf’s sister Nalia who is still at the academy. The clan start the month long mourning process, though will wait for his body to do final rites. Golden Eagle goes into mourning as well for the lost of Wolf who grew up in the clan and they think of him as one of theirs. Sparky decides to chance it and stays until the group comes back to be there for the final rites. She uses Trent to contact the Summer Queen who agrees to help her as part of the bargain made between her and Wolf.

2nd. Lena and Sardi arrive in Melinir to take command of the situation at the castle. Fearing Bjorn is dead, they try the crown on both of them but it only shimmers but not enough to declare either one king or queen. They hope that it means that he is still alive.

3rd. Zen technically turns 23 but he feels like he is just 22

12th. The necromancer finishes creating the four horseman from the guards

13th. Over several days, the necromancer teleport the horseman of Famine and Pestilence to the Haunted Tower and they start to make their way to their specified spots. He then teleports the horseman of War to the thunder rift clift between Thunder Rift keep and Kleine. Then the necromancer sends the horseman of Death to ride toward Melinir.

20th. Having completed their quest to kill the Lich, the group is able to finally plane shift back home and go to Silverbriar. There they meet the dwarf that Wolf always liked to impersonate. A fellow graduate of Golden Eagle Academy, Roguie RedRock. Beranor, appeared to him and told him to return to the valley and go to Silverbriar as he would be needed. Being a paladin of Beranor, he dropped what he was working on and made his way there. He has been a guest for a couple of days by the time the group shows up.

The group finds out that things are not good in the valley. Strange things have been reported. Fights have broken out between Kleine and the Thunder Rift dwarves and there is talk of war. Beach Hedge is reporting a plague of rats and illnesses breaking out. Melinir is reporting the dead rising out of the graves. And here in Silverbriar and New Haven, food has suddenly gone bad and they are very hungry.

The group decides to open a portal to Golden Eagle Clan, and with their permission, evacuate everyone from Silverbriar. They then open a portal to the circle somewhat near Kleine and Roguie, Krunch and Rissa teleport with the stone giants, who are also hungry. The remaining of the group, Yari, Zen, Franziska, teleport to Melinir.

Near Kleine, Roguie, Krunch and Rissa have their hands full getting the Stone giants to not fight amoungst themselves as they travel to the Thunder Rift keep. They find themselves getting irittable as well. Krunch sees a strange rider on a horse on the rift, and just getting a nudge from his god, picks up a stone.

In Melinir, the group helps with the undead, get the clerics started on santifying the cemetary to hopefully, slow the dead rising. They speak with the now crazed Olaf, and he babbles about the guards returning to exact more revenge on the valley. But it makes no sense as he keeps calling them the four horseman. They work their way to the town’s castle and find Lena and Sardi handling greviences from the town folk. Lena is acting as Princess for her father. Sarid is helping with crowd control and zone of truths as needed, while most of the guards are helping the city deal with the influx of undead.

Yari tries a couple of communication spells with the gods, but they don’t go well and he is knocked out all night.

21st. In the morning, once Yari wakes with help, they make their way to the cemetary to see how the santify is going. On the way they help with dispatching more undead.

Back in the Kleine area, Krunch and Rissa tell Roguie to try to keep the giants calm while the two teleport to Kleine to report on the strange going on’s and what Krunch saw. They finally find the rest of the group.

After discussion, the group believe they have to destroy the horseman of the apolcalypse. Yari meditates again, and feels that Kleine is the best place to start. Together, they teleport back to where they left the stone giants and Roguie. They find him barely keeping them from killing each other or stomping off to kill everyone in Kleine. Together they get the giants moving toward the Thunder Rift keep, which they decide is best to get the giants into the stone hills above the keep for the time being.

They reach Tunder Rift keep by the end of the day and find the dwarves ready to march on Kleine to kill them all. The group is able to talk them down for the time being, and the dwarves march back into the keep.

Roguie and Krunch are able to slip in with them, but the dwarves do not give way for the humans, who have to wait till they all go in before they are allowed in. Krunch finds Gunnar guarding his sister. Once he is let in, Krunch finds his sister in mourning, where she explains why she knows already, and tells him she is pregnant and what she has to do. She asks and gets the little remaining of Wolf’s body, his wedding ring, and the Summer Queen’s coin. Krunch explains they have some killing to do to prevent not only war, but famine and plague, and undead. She says they will wait for the group to return to have the funeral.

Krunch returns to the group, they eat and then go outside the keep where using the stone that Krunch picked up, where he sighted the horseman, the group teleports to that location.

The group sees it on the ridge. One they get up there, they find fighting it hard, but they are finally successful killing the horseman of war. But though it was a tough battle, the group learned a lot about how the horseman and its horse work.

22nd. The group makes it to Kleine and find the town just settling down from arming themselves for war with the dwarves. Krunch visits their old friend who makes potions, and after some strange dealings with her, they finally get her to sell them some of her potions to help in the next three fights. They spend the night in Kleine.

23rd. They arrive in Beach Hedge in the evening finding hundreds dieing from the plague. They first search out the horseman and kill it easier this time then the first. Then return to the town and use all of the resources to save as many people as they can. They lose some, but it would have been so much worse if they had not gotten to the town when they did.

24th. In the morning they start for New Haven.

25th. In the evening when they arrive, they find everyone dead. Eaten by others who were stronger or faster, all over come with hunger caused by their horseman. They find two alive, one man and one child. They over come them and tie them up. Then they go hunt down and kill the horseman. When they come back, they teleport the man and child to Golden Eagle keep and they sleep there after checking on everyone they had sent there earlier.

26th. In the morning, they teleport to Melinir, where they search for the horseman of death. They quickly destroy him and decide that the four guards that were captured by the necromancer had been used to turn into the horseman. The king may still be alive. They start to track the bloody foot prints of the horseman’s horse toward what they hope is the lair of the necromancer where they can finish this, once and for all!



30th. Verona turns 23


2nd. Lena and Sardi’s twins turn 1 year old (Greta and Joshua).

7th. Franziska technically turns 23 but feels like she is just 22

10th. Elsie turns 22

AR 1220

1st. Tizzy turns 24


6th. Aldhis and Zen’s daughter Tekla turns 1 year old.

12th. Sparky turns 24


6th. Wolf technically turns 24 but feels like 23


6th. Yari and Rissa technically turn 23 but they feel like 22

10th. Yari and Elsie’s son Kustaolin turns 2

15th. Verona daughter Diana turns 4 years old


12th. Fourth year wedding anniversary for Zen and Aldhis

13th. Fourth year wedding anniversary for Yari and Elsie Elsie and Yari’s twins are 1 year old.


3rd. Zen technically turns 24 but he feels like he is just 23


30th. Verona turns 24


2nd. Lena and Sardi’s twins turn 2 year old (Greta and Joshua).

7th. Franziska technically turns 24 but feels like she is just 23

10th. Elsie turns 23

Adventure Summary

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