AR 1219-08 Day 13 - Granny

Granny heard the giant move away, but it was too far to go after because her knees and hips were acting up. It was a bad sign that it had not attack. That means it was on a recon mission, and she knew that Dalsein had been searching for her ever since she slipped up. Of all days for Tinneth to be away for a full week. Dalsein would now know where to find her. She did some new divinations to confirm it and sure enough within a day, she knew he was sending a bunch of giants and orcs to kill her. She did not want to bring them down on the town folk she had come to appreciate, so she would have to go with a different method she had been researching for the past year.

She gathered the material components and at the end cut off the tip of her baby finger. This was painful, but less than dying would be. She cast the spell and on the table where her fingertip was formed a new body that looked just like her. Or she should say, what she looked like right now.

It was all because Dalsein had gotten angry at Trent for some slight. He had come looking for her to get his revenge. But instead of killing her after he had overpowered her, he polymorphed her into an old human woman and made it permanent with his wild magic. Then plane shifted her to the Misty Realms where no one else lived at that time. Without her magic and ability to get by on little, she would have starved.

For a while, other than the aches and pains of being old, it was ok. But then she started missing people and talking, and… who knew that her kind could actually feel, you know, lonely. But she did. She not only missed Trent, but others like him. Trent’s unconditional love for her, because he had thought her beautiful without charming him, had changed her. He had even shortened her real name from Agathaden, which meant “not good”, to Agatha, which meant “good”.

When Dalsein brought the dwarven keep, and the human city to the Misty Realms, Granny, as she called herself in jest, started helping them survive in their new environment. She found it made her feel alive again.

Then along came Tinnith, who did not take long to feel like a granddaughter she never had. Granny relished her time with Tinnith and renewed her divination to determine how to get them all back to Threas.

That was when she found a thread of hope in a group that would come to be known as Silverthorn. Not being in love with the name, she called them the saviors and started rumors about their coming in the town to keep folks hope alive.

She was even able to bring some of them to Misty Realms in the sleep so they would at least know they exist and plant the seed that they might be the saviors.

But now, she must hide away from Dalsein who was intent on finally killing her for real, not just casting her away. Granny guessed she had helped the humans, dwarves and elves just a bit too much and drew too much attention to herself.

Oh, well. She left the letter in a drop box that Tinnith knew to check if Granny was not home. Then told her new body to fight hard and gave it just a touch of magic to fight with so it would seem like it was really her. And teleported to the cave she had first appeared in. She had long ago rolled the stone in front of it and she was sure that the thorny vines had grown around it that she had planted eons ago.

Then she put herself to sleep into a deep coma that her kind could do. The bad thing about the coma is only another could wake them. It was a desperate measure, but the times called for it. She must be dead to Dalsein or she would never have a chance to live to see Trent again.


Granny dreamed that over and over again, when suddenly someone shook her and Tinnith’s familiar voice woke her up.

Hugging her took all of her energy, but Granny had to do it anyway. It was so good to wake up and breathe again.

As she looked around and saw those who had rescued her, she recognized all but one of the dwarfs and the cleric of Thor. She did not see that cleric of Odin she had been expecting, hopefully nothing bad had happen to the boy.

Then she saw her enemy and he lunged at her. Thankfully, the two dwarves held him at bay because, she was sure he could easily kill her in her weakened state. She needed food and a real sleep to get her spells back.

Then for some reason they started talking at her like she was Trent’s lost love. Not knowing how Trent would feel about reviling who she was, especially that she was a green hag, she kept trying to avoid the topic or just flat out deny it.

But with her extreme fatigue, she knew she kept making mistakes, because they kept calling her out on it. Why were they being so annoying? Had she not helped them? No, those were old thoughts, she had to have patience, they were from the younger races.

Then they mentioned taking her to Trent to resolve all of this. Her heart leapt at the thought of seeing him, and hoped he still loved her as she loved him. She gave in to their desire to go to where he was via teleportation. She was glad Fransizka had advanced in magical abilities to be able to do it, since Granny did not have the power at this time.


Once there, the king of the keep, Kendric and his lovely wife, Shar, offered to get her something to eat. Kendric escorted Dalsein away, while Shar tool Granny to their private dining room. Kendric joined them shortly and they were eating a wonderful meal when Trent walked in.

Granny’s heart held her breath as she waited to see what he would do. The small smile that lit of his eyes and his calling her by her real name, Agatha, told her all she needed to know. He still loved her. He sat and joined them in a meal, and the others came in and seemed finally to be content.

She would have to get Trent’s help to take a different form since he looked so young now. She couldn’t wait to hear how that had happened. But first she would have to get his help with distracting his mother so the Silverthorn group could complete their task of finally destroying the Lich Lord’s phylactery. She was sure he would be happy to be a thorn in his mother’s side one last time after the way he had talked about her.

AR 1219-08 Day 13 - Granny

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