AR 1180-07 The History of Quactimus FizzleSprocket

During the attack on Domesnardt, Quactimus’s father, Mr. Glink had been believed as one of the missing gnomes. However, he had gone to see if he could find some of the Fulgurite that he had been hearing about. After what seemed very little time at all, he had stumbled upon a small amount of Fulgurite just outside of the surrounding woods. Just as he had begun to place it into his toolbox, he heard what sounded like a flash and then several hoof steps just around a large tree. Quickly he began to try and find cover, as he had not bothered to bring any type of weapons or armor as this was just a search mission. From underneath a shrub, he could see what looked like 4 knights, all dressed in black armor, beginning to move in his direction. He quickly pulled out a clockwork squirrel and sent it off in a different direction. The dark knights heard the squirrel run off and began to take off after it. Thinking that he had outsmarted the lot, Mr. Glink began to head out of the forest when one last knight had appeared from the other side of the tree. Mr. Glink took off as fast as he could back into the forest before the knight could see him but it was too late. Mr. Glink immediately heard the pounding of the hooves coming in his direction. Mr. Glink was wishing he had bothered to bring a vehicle vs coming out on foot.

As Mr. Glink rounded a tree, he ran into the legs of a Spirit of the Land who had happened to be the protector of this area of the forest. The Spirit was indifferent to Mr. Glink presence but he could feel the evil presence of the horseman that was coming. The Spirit told Mr. Glink that he could help him escape from the horseman for a price. Not wanting to take his chances with what was chasing him, Mr. Glink agreed and the spirit made Mr. Glink to appear as a small sapling. The horseman came around to see only the spirit. Not wanting to have a fight with the spirit, the rider headed off to where he thought the gnome had run off to hide. Once it was safe, the spirit removed the illusion from Mr. Glink and told him. “I do not require the cost saving you now but sometime in the future, I will come to claim it and I will not expect any hesitation as I showed you none in saving you.” Mr. Glink agreed and immediately returned back to his kingdom.

Many years later, Mr. Glink, the King of Domesnardt, had 3 children. Endlebaum, the eldest, was an exceptional engineer and had already been involved in many of the kingdom’s largest projects. Anzaletta, who didn’t excel at tinkering but had a high intelligence and was mastering arcane magic faster than anyone had seen in a long time. Then, there was Quactimus. Although it seemed that he was both proficient at both tinkering and magic, it seems he could never keep his attention on either for any amount of time. He was content to stay in his room and play with his imaginary friend Moohoolick and play out near the edge of the forest. Quactimus liked to play practical jokes more than most but they were always harmless and he always made sure his mark was ok after the prank was pulled. Quactimus also seemed to have a higher than average understanding of the animals and insect of the forest and was constantly using them in his pranks (more often with his sister). It seemed like they enjoyed his company as much as he enjoyed theirs.

It had seemed the spirit had forgotten his promise and was never going to come a calling for his payment when one day he did. The guardsmen had alerted the King that a large bear looking creature was approaching the gates. Mr. Glink knew the time had come and ordered the guards to let him in. The spirit was led into the main hall where the King met him with a smile. “At long last, my savior has returned!” Mr Glink exclaimed. “Yes, Yes….although I hope you remember our agreement?” replied the spirit.

“I do and I promise no hesitation!” Mr Glink retorted.

“Good to hear…being that is the case, I am in need of a child and I have come to take one of yours”

Mr. Glink made a small whimper and gulped “One of mine? You are not going to eat them are you?”

“No hesitation remember?” replied the Spirit. “And no, I am not going to eat them.”

The king though quickly and said “I can give to you Quactimus” to which the Spirit seemed to grin.

The king thought he had gotten the better of the deal as he had regarded Quactimus as not very useful in the kingdom. Now don’t misunderstand, he loved him very much but if he had to part with one of his children, better to pawn off the one that never seemed to want to get better at anything.

“Where shall I send him? Or would you like to take him with you now?” asked the King.

“I need you to send him to the academy” stated the spirit.

“The Academy?!?” the King exclaimed “he is already enrolled in our academy.”

“Not this academy. I need you to send him to the dwarf academy.”

“The dwarf academy?? There’s a dwarf academy?? Why there?”

“I have my reasons and I expect him to be sent as soon as possible”

“Alright” said Mr Glink, “I will have him enrolled immediately”

The spirit let out an even larger smile and said “Consider your debt paid in full”

As the spirit started to walk away, Mr Glink stated “I will let him know that he will be in your service from this point on. The spirit stopped and looked back at the king and replied “No, I will let him know once I am ready to do so. You are to give him no knowledge of what has transpired here today.”

The king agreed and sent out the message to have Quactimus enrolled immediately. Mr Glink also thought it would be a good idea to have Quactimus use his wife’s maiden name of FizzleSprocket so no one would associate Quactimus with the king.

Quactimus was very saddened when he was told that he would be going to the dwarf academy. Even though casting spells was not hard for him, he didn’t enjoy it as much as playing out in the forest. He began to think of how he could run away into the woods when his imaginary friend Moohoolick appeared and encouraged him to do his father’s bidding. “It won’t be that bad and I’ll be there with you” Moohoolick said while trying to soothe him. “But what of all my friends in the forest?”, Quactimus exclaimed. “Oh they will be there too, we all will be there” That seemed to make Quactimus feel more at ease. So after pulling his emotions back together, he began to pack for the academy…

AR 1180-07 The History of Quactimus FizzleSprocket

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