History Mirror

Silver Mirror that remembers what it sees


A thin silver disc about 8 inches across with one side polished to mirror sheen and the other has elaborate elvish script. Given a command word it can be attached to any solid surface. It becomes transparent and remembers anything it sees and hears for the next 24 hours. After 24 hours or if removed before the 24 hours expires, it returns to the person that gave the initial command word. Once returned, it can be activated so that spinning the mirror plays back what was seen and heard. Spinning speed affects the speed of the playback, spinning to the right goes forward, left goes back. The history is stored until the mirror is used again.

An arcana check is required to activate the mirror with the result of the check determining the perception check required to notice the mirror unless it is physically interacted with or it is deactivated. Once activated, the mirror must be placed within 1 minute or it deactivates. The mirror can only be activated once per day.

Commanding the mirror or removing it from a surface is a standard action. If the mirror cannot return to the person that activated it because they are dead or on another plane of existance, the mirror deactivates. If the surface the mirror is attached to becomes unstable or if it is knocked off the surface it deactivates. If the mirror deactivates it is no longer transparent and will no longer stay attached to the surface and will return to the person who activated it after 1 minute if possible.


History Mirror

Thraes Aljergensen