Young Sven

A tall, quiet boy - until provoked - Sven will put anyone at ease with his haunting flute music.




Past Background

Thunder crashed, and the skies were set ablaze with fire and lightning; rain, red from the blood of immortals, fell to the ground, staining the soil. Nearly fifty years ago, such a thing would have caused more alarm in the community than it did. As it was, people had become accustomed to such occurrences, though it did still send everyone inside, barring their doors! Ragnarok was in full swing, and mortals had spent many decades watching the gods battle above them.

It was on this particular night, however, that two ravens watched, through a dingy window, as a child entered the world inside one of those many barred-door houses. While the gods fought and died overhead, this small human boy was born to mortal parents both loving and fearful of what the future might hold for their baby. Another roar of heavenly fire flashed, and the newborn’s mother, still wet from the perspiration of birth, held her son close as she wept at his misfortune for being born in such a time, when the world was tearing apart! The ravens, both, cawed and set to flight, flapping up and into the maelstrom that was the war-torn sky.

The years passed, then, from that fateful night, and the skies calmed somewhat. The child, named Svadilfarsven, meaning, “An ill-fated boy,” grew and even seemed to flourish, despite his destitute surroundings. Though a relative lull in the destructions of Ragnarok had persisted for much of the boy’s life, most suspected the time to be merely a proverbial calm before an even greater storm. Thus, it was that Svadilfarsven grew up, denied the chance to pursue any goal other than physical strength, in order to protect his own!

Present Status

Currently, Svadilfarsven is a child of twelve years. Being larger than most of his peers, his subtle insight into people’s motivations often comes as a shock, since many regard him only as Brawn, and not Brain. Nevertheless, Sven, as he calls himself, wishing a distance from the part of his name that foretells failure, moves with the calculated behavior of a person wholly of aware how his actions affect others.

Quiet and mostly unassuming, Sven spends his free time playing a wooden recorder, sitting on a barrel outside his parents’ house. He’s been at the musical instrument for almost half of his short life, and is thus rather proficient at it. Several children, and even a few adults, intentionally take the side alley, leading past Sven’s home, on their way about their own business, hoping to catch the boy playing. Sven’s music tugs at the hearts of all who hear it, reminding them of the pain they feel, while also bringing promises of a better future.

Ever attempting to find the good in anything, Sven is quick to trust others. His somewhat innocent and youthful love of anyone he meets causes most to quickly take fondly to the boy. In a different life, one that did not include the time of Ragnarok, Sven’s behavior, and apparent talent at making people feel welcome, may have led others to encourage him in pursuing finer artistic vocations!

Truly, the arcane arts would have come easily to the boy, had he followed that calling! As it is, however, the boy has bent to the demands of his era and trains with warriors, learning the martial arts. Very few pay any attention, but those that know him well understand his devotion to learning how to fight is fueled by a quiet longing for What Might Have Been.

Family Life

Both Sven’s parents are alive and well; they run a brewery, love their children very much, and there really isn’t much else to say about them. They are very strong and not likely to succumb to a Ragnarok-induced end. Likewise, his siblings, all three of them, are strong children! Sven’s sister, Hildr, is a year younger than him, and his two brothers, the twins Jarl and Sindri, are six years his junior. In separate ways, each younger child takes after Sven. As the eldest son, Sven has been taught to look after his siblings, which contributes to his inclination to care about everyone.

Hildr is showing signs of becoming a great warrior, much like her older brother. Though she argues violently with Sven all the time, she secretly loves and admires him, desiring to become what she sees him to be. Though she loves Svadilfarsven very much, she does not understand her brother’s private longing to be afforded the luxury of spending his time in advanced study of Fine Arts, like music or magic. This is, in truth, the underlying cause of their many arguments, as Hildr is quick to take umbrage when Sven makes off-hand remarks about the idiocy of war.

Jarl and Sindri, each only six years old, are the stereotypical redheaded, identical twins, despite their raven-black hair. They are mischievous and always getting into trouble. Never once are they found apart from each other, even when such a separation would better facilitate one of them getting away with whatever minor crime they are always committing. Despite their young age and façade of being pranksters, the two appear to be at least as insightful and caring as their older brother. Sven has a very close and entirely silent relationship with his brothers, understanding them perfectly, while they understand and idolize him – in their own ways. A stern glance from Sven, returned with apologetic shrugs from Jarl and Sindri, conveys the information of an entire conversation for the three.

Sven’s relationship with Jarl and Sindri bears more explanation than his relationship with his sister. While Hildr is trying to be Sven, she does not actually know who Sven is; this is a regrettable but incurable situation as Svadilfarsven sees things. On the other hand, Jarl and Sindri understand their older brother perfectly and, though they do not attempt to mimic him, they have come to appreciate the subtleties of Sven’s personality as decent and good things. Thus, they do their utmost to honor him with their actions, even as they continue to bring mischief and havoc to everything around them! Though he loves his siblings equally, Sven finds that, despite their behavior, he has less strife with his brothers than his sister.

Young Sven

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