Wolf (Ulfar Axforger)

Male Dwarf


WOLF: - Wolf has two memories from his time before Rat (around age 5). Rat and Master always told him that his parents no longer wanted him so sold him to them for a lot of money. But Wolf has always wondered based on the two memories he keeps having.

1. Wolf remembers being in the arms of a lady and you are nodding off to sleep. You cannot remember what her face looks like but you remember pieces of the following song (sung to hush little baby lullaby). You have not heard the song since. But you dream of it off and on.

Sleep little dwarf don’t make a sound Mother’s going to make you a sleeping gown Daddy’s going to buy you a bouncing hound And With those items you’ll go around

2. Wolf remembers bouncing and somehow being up high entering a room full of noise. It is the clanging of metal on metal. It is kind of dark but you can see shadows lit by a huge burning fire in the center of the room. You turn your head and then…. you always wake up from this dream sweating.

Your real name is Ulfar (pronounced All-far). He went by Alfy (pronounced All-Fee) as a little boy, which sounds like a dog barking alf alf, so when he got taken and asked his name, all he got out when asked for his name was Alf. So was knick named by the master as Wolf. The other thing he remembers is it was a dwarf that took him, but no memory of who that was. Knows it was not Rat (who he knows was human) or the Master (who he thinks is a dwarf).

His birth father and mother are Rogi and Elda Axeforger. He has a sister who is 7 years younger named Nalia.


Wolf (Ulfar Axforger)

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