Powerful mage semi-hermit living in Riverside


A powerful mage semi-hermit who once lived in a tower in Riverside, Trent claims to be virtually immortal. While there he had very little contact with the outside world (preferring to use automatons to deal with most people). He had links to several powerful people in town.

An avowed atheist, Trent does not believe in the gods, or in an afterlife. He believes gods are magical constructs powered by the worship and prayers of their followers. Creatures that return after death (ghosts, liches, etc) are also magical constructs – spells that may have the memories of a living person and believe that they are the original individual, but they are not. Once a person is dead, they are dead … a copy may be made but the individual is gone forever.

He now teaches at the Eagle Clan academy and has actually found he likes it.


Little is known about Trent’s history, and he doesn’t have much contact with other people living in the city. While he has been associated with the destruction at Mylnarin, little is known of his involvement.


Thraes Aljergensen