Sardi Medina

Best friend of Yari; married to a princess


Sardi and his brothers, Beckum and Geo, were from the northern city of Kleine. Their mother, Josephine, died when Sardi was five, and he does not remember much about her. Their father, Joshua, was a town constable, who badly hurt his back in a fight with some criminals and had to retire early. The man died a year later.

Before his father died, Sardi was shown by a local healer how to help stretch and crack his back to help ease his pain. This piqued the boy’s interest in the healing arts, which led directly to Sardi joining the ranks of the clerics. As his father followed Odin, Sardi joined the Church of the Allfather.

His father ran their savings down to nothing trying to support his kids while unable to work. One March day in 1209, when Sardi was only twelve, Joshua got pneumonia, likely due to spending so much time in bed. With no money left for proper medical aid, he soon succumbed to the illness and died. Feeling they had no other option, the three boys joined the circus to earn money, rather than resorting to begging.

Less than a year after joining, Sardi and his brothers ran afoul of a witch who was visiting the circus. Being frustrated youths, and having had a particularly rough day, the three boys were notably rude to the witch, whom they thought was nothing more than an ugly old woman; in response, she turned each of them into different animals. This was when Yari first met Sardi, hours after he had been turned into a black-and-white kitten. With the help of Yari and his other friends, the Medina brothers were saved and turned back to their original forms.

Pulling some strings, Yari managed to get the three admitted into Gold Eagle Academy with the rest of his crew. There, for the next many years, Sardi and Yari grew very close, forging a devoted friendship deeper even than most familial bonds. For a time, Sardi tried dating Yari’s sister, Rissa, but after a couple years the two grew apart and agreed to just be friends.

Sardi has since married the daughter of the king of Thunder Rift. He retired early from the adventuring life to help raise their twin children in the mountain town of Silverbriar.

Father: Joshua Medina
Mother: Josephine Medina

Sardi’s birthday is November 22nd. He is six months older than Rissa and Yari.
Sardi is best friends with Yari and Rissa’s ex boyfriend.
Sardi’s older brother, Beckum, died in the earthquake of Dec 12, 1212 at twelve minutes past noon.


Sardi Medina

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