Krunch Stonerose

Son of King Kalistar and Queen Shar Stonerose of the Golden Eagle Keep


Krunch (Karunchar)
Son of Kendrick and Shar, Sparakal's twin brother, born March 1195.  Krunch doesn't care much about his appearance and from a young age was known to get into scraps, frequently while defending anyone being picked on by older schoolmates or bullies.  

Krunch has always been kind of the black sheep of the family.  Not as proper or well-spoken as his sister Sparakal (who seemingly never does wrong in her parent's eyes) Krunch is always getting into trouble.  Partly because (as he would say) his words "Just get tangled up between his brain and his mouth" Some examples:

  • In preparation for a coming of age presentation, Krunch and Sparakal were given special honorary robes of office.  Given strict instructions to not get them dirty before the presentation, on the day of the ceremony Sparakal was ready early with ribbons in her hair while Krunch showed up covered in coal dust and grime … except for the clean robe (and an ill-fitting pair of gloves).  He explained that he had been exploring an old coal chute but had stripped down to not get his cloak dirty.  
  • In another instance, while playing "Goblins and Dwarves" (the twins playing the goblins because Krunch wanted to try a new tactic) Krunch convinced Sparakal that they would look more fearsome if they coated each other with sticky pitch and then rolled around in dirt.  While they were quite fearsome looking in order to get all of the pitch off they had to be completely clean-shaven, including their heads.  Sparakal was nicknamed Baldy for a while until the worst offenders found pitch in their helmets as they were doing a middle of the night emergency preparedness drill that required them to get dressed as quickly as possible.

Personality Trait: Krunch judges people on their actions, not their words.  Growing up around nobility, he's never been impressed by titles or grandeur. The more someone tries to impress him with titles, the less respect he has for them.

Ideal: Krunch defends those who cannot protect themselves.

Bond: Krunch would do anything for my clan and family.

Flaw: Krunch is reckless and doesn't always think through the consequences of what he says or does.


Journal Entries for Krunch: his background and “training” AR 1208-08 Krunch’s Journal

And A day at the Circus

Krunch Stonerose

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