Kara Doornock

Long brown hair, ready smile, kinda cute. Wears plate mail, carries a shield to hide her missing left hand, and a long sword.


Long brown hair. Ready smile. Kinda cute but not raving beauty. Left hand is missing, but it normally is attached to a shield. Carries a gleaming long sword and wearing plate mail. Looks like she can protect anyone who is being maltreated.


Kara always knew that she was destined for something special. She was the Great, Grand neice of a famous paladin named Lady Arrisa Noblis. Her mentor Darian, an older elf, had told her many stories about Lady Arrisa. He used to adventure with her in the early days. Darian helped Lady Arrisa establish the Copper Valley Academy training facility in Copper Valley that is far to the west of Quag’s Keep. Kara was determined to qualify for that training so she too could become a great paladin like Lady Arrisa.

The saddest story but also the greatest that Darian told her about, was how 60 some years ago, Lady Arrisa and her friends, stopped the drow from destroying the Copper Valley Academy, but to do it they all gave their lives. Darian was barely able to teleport away at the last moment, though his legs were badly damaged.

Kara was 8 when she met Darian when her parents introduced her to him. He always said he could see something of Arrisa in Kara so he stayed and taught her what he knew for free.

Kara’s mother and father are Eliza and Matt Doornock. Eliza makes candles from the wax the bees make that the family keeps at the top of their three story home. The bottom floor is the candle shop. The second floor is kitchen and living space. The third floor is 2 bedrooms. Matt is a guard for River City syndicate and reports to Tam. Kara has a younger sister, Palleen. She takes after her mother and is more homebody and likes to help with the candles. Kara loves her family, though is starting to question if what her father does is right or not. But Kara got her strength and love of fighting from him. She got her desire to protect others from her Mother. And last, Kara got her desire to follow in Lady Arrisa’s footsteps from Darian.

Oct 23, 2011 Lost her left hand to a little girl who claimed she was the daughter of Loki. The little girl also took my friend Sven’s eye, and my friend Oreth’s hair. Someday, we will be strong enough to put a stop to the destruction the little girl causes. But in the meantime, like Tyr, Kara will look past her loss of her hand and fight for justice.

Kara Doornock

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