Jarl Hastae Svadilfarsvenson Silverthorne

First-born son of Sven and Kara; younger brother to Arissa; husband to Elsie


YariAdult.png Yari was first told of his parents’ role in the war of the gods very early in his life by some dwarven family friends. It was these same dwarves, Kalistar and Valdosta, who gave Yari his second name: Hastae. They told him it meant, “Of the Spear,” in Dwarven. Apparently, Yari’s father had been a mighty warrior, fighting the forces of darkness with a fragment of Odin’s own spear, Gungnir.

The news had shocked the young boy. Sven had only ever been seen as Musician and Father to his son, and the knowledge that he was also once Odin’s Chosen shattered Yari’s world view. Yari decided to take his father’s name as his own, then and there, making it his third and final name – for a time. He also privately set out to make his father proud by becoming a priest of the god he once served.

As a young adult, Jarl Hastae, known as Yari to his friends and family, stands at six-feet tall and weighs about 150 pounds. His frame was clearly built for muscles, but a childhood accident during a caving expedition left him slightly crippled; as a result, he never developed the sheer mass his father, Sven, did. Nevertheless, Yari is proud to stand next to his dad as the first-born son of Odin’s Chosen. Unlike Sven’s blonde hair, Yari’s head is covered in a mess of dark brown. Father and son do, however, share the same unfortunate cowlicks that serve to make every day a ‘bad hair day’. Also, like his father, Yari has piercingly blue eyes that seem to cut through everything and stare into others’ souls. This would be unnerving, if it weren’t for the perpetual smile the boy wears.

Growing up, their father spent most of his free time with his children. Between self-defense training and music lessons, Yari and his siblings were not wont for fatherly attention. It is largely because of this that Yari places family above absolutely any other concern. Nevertheless, the man feels disconnected from his father in a way he cannot properly define. It is this feeling that drives him forward to become the best person, and the best priest of Odin he possibly can become.

Now a father himself, Yari desires only to spend time with his wife and children. Somewhat unfortunately, the man has become rather important to the town of Silverbriar he helped found, serving as its mayor. His duties as first priest at the temple in Silverbriar also demand much of his attentions. Yari never complains about his responsibilities, understanding he was the one to take them on in the first place; and, though he must frequently make extended excursions all around the world, his arcane-casting friends and allies ensure he is still able to spend as much time with his family as possible. He takes all his duties very seriously, and even took the name Silverthorne – the name of his organization dedicated to saving the world – as his last name to signify this dedication.

TRAITS Yari is a peacemaker. He is perpetually optimistic, and naturally sees the good in just about everything. Also, he almost always finds common ground with people, no matter their situations, empathizing with them and striving ever to share the peace he feels in his heart.

The stresses of being a responsible adult, and the chronic pain from his childhood injuries, have taken their toll on the young man, and as a coping mechanism, Yari frequently says and does ridiculous things in an attempt at humor. This often takes the form of harassing his older sister with mules, or causing the hair on his companion, Zen, to spontaneously bloom with flowers.

IDEAL Yari will fight to help anyone he perceives to be in earnest need, no matter his own personal cost. It takes a lot to deceive him, but those who try will still likely be given help, if of a different kind than they wanted.

BOND While not being stupid about it, Yari will lay down his life without hesitation to protect the lives of his Family and friends. To Yari, Family is the single most important thing in all the realms; and, since friends basically are Family, they too need to be served and protected.

FLAWS Yari hates lying. He is extremely uncomfortable deceiving people, though he will try occasionally if he feels the need is great enough. Nevertheless, secrets bother him, and he has been known from-time-to-time to accidentally let slip an awkward secret at just the wrong moment. This is hypocritical, as the man has several secrets he keeps from most of his friends.

MISCELLANEOUS Birthday: 02 June 1197, five minutes after his twin sister, Arissa.

Yari is proficient with both shield and spear, learning from his mother and father respectively. He is also dedicated to helping others, like his mother; and, he seems to be a natural with the flute, like his father. Perhaps also taking after both of his parents, he is uniquely hard to lie to, and very persuasive when he needs to be.

His favorite color is blue. His favorite drink is hot chocolate. His favorite food is chicken – the larger the chicken, the better. He has no idea why these things are; they’re just Things. His favorite animal is a cat; he knows why this is, but doesn’t talk openly about it.

Jarl Hastae Svadilfarsvenson Silverthorne

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