Bridgette (Frosty)

Tall, blonde with ice-blue eyes. Leader of The Bashers


Tall, pale skinned with blonde hair so light it’s almost white. She is Tamm’s daughter and Stone’s twin sister. Leader of the rival group of kids known as the “Bashers”, Frosty is tall and charismatic but unapproachable.

Married to Kormak Dolluson (who died in 1213 from the Plague supposedly, but later his son Zelig remembered that a devil like creature took him away before he actually died) son Skallii (born March 1187, went missing in 1209 when he left Thunder Rift to adventure) Adopted daughter Annabelle (8 in 1187) who the group of Sven, Kara and Scraps saved from possession. Son Zelig born in 1192 Daughter Gerda born in 1194 (died in 1213 from the Plague) Daughter Franziska born in 1196

She is, also, a suspected victim of domestic abuse, as the back of her legs are heavily scarred. This was presumably done by her father. Despite this fact, her legs are still quite spectacular from the front.


Bridgette (Frosty)

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